It’s Time For Me Now

With family life seeming to be getting on an even keel (whatever that is) I have found I’m able to grab a bit of “me” time. I have always found time to myself to be precious and now that there is a toddler vying for my attention I need to take control of my “me” time.

Yoga and Meditation

With a 14 month old to look after my meditation time had become non-existent but I have really started getting into a daily routine of doing it again. I’ve also started adding a bit of yoga into my regular activity of meditating. It helps start my day off perfectly, my mind is free and I feel energised for the day.


I do enjoy writing and I still have old stories that I wrote when I was at school. They are embarrassing to look at now but it’s clear that it’s been a big love of mine for some time. I get to write all sorts here, on my own blog and there are other sites that I write for covering sports and even candles! My writing is as random as my life and that’s why I love it so much.


I have bookcase after bookcase of books and with a kindle full of books also I have plenty to read. Once I found a little me time I had to work out how to get my reading back on track. At the moment as I absolutely love the author Jodi Picoult, I’ve got a pile of her books from my birthday and Christmas so that’s where I’ll be starting. You just cannot beat a good book with a coffee and cake or chocolate. Or all three!

Play Bingo

This is something I wouldn’t have considered a few years ago but playing bingo has given me new friends and I’ve also had a few wins which have enabled me to treat myself. I can play bingo games online so I don’t even need to leave my comfy sofa. Maybe a bit lazy but I might even multi-task and have the TV on in the background. Bit of bingo and a catch up on the soaps, superb!

Get outside

Now the weather is getting a bit warmer, if you’re staying in the sun that is- it’s still frosty in the mornings and cold in the shade. Getting out for a walk is another great way I relax, even if I’m off to take my daughter to the park. Getting outside and also some exercise cannot be bad. Sometimes I switch my phone off and shut myself off from the world.

Basically I find “me time” to spend time with me, I’m pretty good company and finally after months of having none or little time for me, I’m finally feeling more like the old “me” and that definitely cannot be bad.

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