Music Monday: Blondie – Heart of Glass


When pushed to answer “Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?” (and yes, if I’m not in the best of moods the answer is quite often “Your Mum”) I think I would say Deborah Harry from Blondie. I think she was achingly, heart breakingly beautiful. That’s a by the by though.

The original title of this song was “Once I Had Love (Disco Song)”, and was written by Blondie in 1974. They recorded their demo in 1975. Blondie had been flirting with the idea of disco for a while, Debbie Harry said in a few interviews it was the kind of music she wanted to make. 

Whilst Heart of Glass is a disco song, it doesn’t actually follow the format of disco, because the number of beats per bar isn’t rigid and actually fluctuates in the song. I always thought that was my CD copy skipping but actually it’s a shift in the number of beats (I am sorry, for a music nerd like me that’s very exciting.)

The video was filmed at Studio 54 in New York city. Debbie Harrys dress is made by Stephen Sprouse and was done by photo printing a picture of television scan lines onto the fabric and then playing a layer of cotton underneath and a layer of chiffon on top. And there was me thinking it was a just a nice grey dress. Music writers praised Harry for singing through gritted teeth- effortlessly cool- and compared her to Marilyn Monroe for her overt sexuality, and yet her casual look of boredom.

From the album: Paralell Lines

Released: September 1978

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