Office Games To Play When The Boss Is Away

So, it’s the start of a brand new year. The seasonal festivities are over and it’s time to get back to the office and sit in that chair.

However, your job does not have to become monotonous. When your boss is not looking, try out these fun games to ensure that your day does not pass you by. As the saying goes, when the cat’s away, the mice will play!

Chair Spin


’Image by ‘Mex Beady Eyes’

This office staple is a must for whenever the boss disappears. Just spin in that chair until you become dizzy, or get one of your colleagues to spin you around. Then just to make it even more ludicrous, get up and attempt to walk in a straight line. The winner is the person who makes it the furthest without falling over.

Paperclip Tiddlywinks

You can play tiddlywinks using paperclips. Press down one paperclip on the other to make it jump. The winner is the person who gets their paperclip to jump the furthest.



‘Image by ‘Zorgzzzzz’

A friend of mine told me that they play this game frequently in their office, as the surfing of social media networks is banned. All you do is draw a face on a piece of paper and fold over, leaving the lines where the neck is drawn showing.  Pass your paper onto the next person. They then draw a body and pass it onto the next person to draw the legs and the last person draws the feet. When you unfold your paper, you’ll have a crazy monster drawing.

Paper Football

All you need for this is some rolled up paper, your hands, and you’re all set for a kick-about in the office. If you’ve got the equipment to hand, you can also play table football. That’s pretty self-explanatory; pens, paper and you’re off!

The Mummy Game


‘Image by ‘LouisePalanker’

Now this game really can have consequences, especially if you use up all of the bathroom supplies!

Split your office teams into two – the partitions could be a way of splitting teams – and get two loo rolls from the bathroom. Choose a member of each team to be the “Mummy.” The teams will then have one minute to wrap their mummy up in toilet paper. The team with the best wrapped mummy is the winner!

Partition Volleyball

Using the office partitions as a net is a good way to play this game. Split the office into two teams of five. You can use a beach ball so as to not damage or destroy anything. However, if you’re feeling foolhardy, play using an actual volleyball. Spike anyone?

Paper Planes:

paper planes

‘Image by‘HolidayExtras’

You can make individual planes or design your planes in teams and throw your planes inside your office or from a window. The plane that goes the furthest wins!

So there’s your roundup of the best office games to play, but do have any games you could add to my list?

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