Tuesday’s Tech Take: Oreo Wins the Superbowl

As an avid lover of brands who utilize social media, and especially of those who do it well, I’m always excited during major sporting events to see how marketers, via traditional media like tv and radio, will innovate and incorporate the many facets of it.

So naturally, the Super Bowl was just another excuse to gush over these things, as the 50 or 60 million dollar commercials spots have caught onto the fact that social media is a valuable tool for marketing campaigns. And this year’s game didn’t disappoint, strictly because I can’t recall one spot that didn’t have a hashtag visible so viewers could discuss the ad online, or a Twitter handle or Facebook page mentioned.

Considering that a year or two ago, so many brands would be unwilling to mention any social media at all, that is astounding. And really, really exciting for nerds like me. But the winner of all the on air spots, as well as the general digital media integration on Sunday was Oreo– by a long shot, too.

Not only did Oreo deliver an entertaining commercial, where library patrons literally fight over the cream and cookie parts of an oreo, all while staying quiet in the library, but Oreo decided to take its campaign a step further than that; a plug-in to its Instagram account was highlighted at the end of its commercial, where it invited Instagram users to tag @Oreo in their photos, and the brand would then select photos to recreate out of the cream and cookie parts of its product.

Oreo Instagram Superbowl

No, I’m not kidding. Somewhere, Oreo employees put together a team of sculpting artists or graphic designers, or anyone willing to recreate Instagram photos out of Oreos. I’m not sure how they did it, but it was amazing. I don’t remember the exact number, either, but Oreo’s Instagram account gained over 20,000+ followers during the course of the game too. And they were the only brand to bring use Instagram in their Super Bowl marketing campaign. Bonus points all around.

But that’s not all– during the game’s 30 mintue blackout, when nobody knew what to do except tweet funny things about how Beyonce blew out the lights and make references to The Dark Knight Rises, Oreo used this downtime to highlight its product again. The brand tweeted a photo of a single oreo against a dark background, where the caption read, “You can still dunk in the dark.”

What an amazing example of a brand that is thinking on its feet, ready to provide content at a moment’s notice, and is wiling to adapt its strategies in real-time, to whatever relevant is happening, and whatever relevant things consumers are talking about. That’s 2013 marketing at its finest.

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