Tuesday’s Tech Take: Why Mashable Is Still Disappointing Me

Last year, right around this time I think, I wrote my weekly column about how much I thought one of the most visited “tech” blogs on the Internet, Mashable, was sinking. Sinking because the site was focusing less on actual, legitimate tech news, but more on pop culture news that just so happens to take place on social media mostly.

And I wasn’t wrong. In fact, I’m still not wrong. Not even close.

Really, the site has become the biggest fangirl for celebrites who tweet viral tweets every day, and for discussing what the world was discussing on Twitter during every major event this past year: the Olympics, the success rate of Apple product revelations based on the Twitter responses to them in real time, the season finale of your favorite tv show, the US election, the Super Bowl, and everything in between. Mashable’s highlighted articles are about what brands are doing on social media, which actually is tech related worthy, but is it okay that I’m still so frustrated that this subject seems to only contain content that is meant to stay on TMZ.com?

Or is it just a sign that the two are so encompassed with one another, that tech news literally is only tween gossip about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez breaking up? Or about the Instagram pictures Justin Timberlake posted from his comeback appearance from the Grammy’s this past week?

Yes, it’s amazing what the power of Twitter and social media can accomplish. But does this have to be the same article I read every day on Mashable? For the love of God, I hope not. But given that Mashable hasn’t made any steps to become the strict, tech news blog it once was, I feel it’s a lost cause.

So for real, Mashable. This time, I really am breaking up with you.


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1 Comment on Tuesday’s Tech Take: Why Mashable Is Still Disappointing Me

  1. I have to agree with your disappointment.

    I follow Mashable on twitter and I will click possibly one or two links a week that really catch my eye. There is enough entertainment gossip on twitter and I try to avoid it as much as possible but I think it’s time for me to unfollow Mashable too.

    I wish there was a way you could just get their actual tech updates on a separate twitter feed 🙁

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