What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?

As far back as the 1940s, psychiatrists were considering a link between sleeping pattern and personality. Although the relationship between a person’s character and how they get snug between the sheets has never been proven, there are still some firm believers in the notion.

So, what does your comfy spot say about you?

The Foetal Position

Dominated by women, the foetal position is the UK’s most popular form of sleeping and is characterised by a curled-up body shape, with the arms and legs slightly bent.

Those who sleep in this position are believed to have a tough exterior but are sensitive at heart, and crave the comfort of the womb.

What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You? Foetal position

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It’s understood that the more we curl up, the more comfort we’re seeking.

The Log Position

15% of people sleep lying on their side with both arms clamped by their side.

Log-like sleepers are thought to be more outgoing than the foetal sleepers, are quite sociable people and like to be part of the ‘in’ crowd.

However, it’s thought these sleepers are prone to sticky situations, as sleeping like this is indicative of an overly trusting nature and gullibility.

The ‘Yearner’ Position

This UK’s third most popular position is recognisable by the arms spread out in front whilst the sleeper lies on their side. ‘Yearner’ sleepers often said to be either chasing a dream or are being chased.

The 13% of people who reportedly sleep in this position are considered to have an open nature, but can be cynical and stubborn. They like to make sure they get things right and can be their own worst critics. However, although they like to take time to arrive at a decision, once they have made up their mind, they’re unlikely ever to go back on it.

The Soldier Position

Around 8% of people sleep lying on their back with both arms pinned to their sides. These people are generally quiet and reserved, and tend to set high standards for both themselves and others.

The Freefall Position

7% of people like to sleep flat out on their front with their hands around the pillow and head turned to one side. Characterised by brash personalities, it’s thought that ‘freefall’ sleepers have a perceived lack of control over their life and underneath are nervy and easily upset. Such people struggle with criticism and can become uncomfortable when placed in extreme situations.

Starfish Position

Finally, the remaining 5% of people sleep lying on their back with both arms stretched above their head and around the pillow. These sleepers make good listeners and will be willing to offer help to those in need. They’re generally considered good friends because of these kind-hearted qualities, but aren’t keen on being at the centre of attention.

So, what kind of sleeper are you? And do you think there’s any truth to these forty-wink fables?

Whatever your preference, it’s important to have a good quality mattress to provide adequate support for the spine, and a comfortable nights’ sleep. This article was written by Laura Moulden on behalf of The Odd Mattress Company, the luxury mattress specialists.

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