What is Pingraphy?



Updated 1st April – Pingraphy is sadly no more. After a few days with not being able to login and sadly them not updating their twitter status to tell us what was going on – it has now closed. I will be trying out other sites for scheduling pins. If you know of any, drop a comment below. Thanks! 


I know all too well how addictive Pinterest can be, hours and hours of pinning, creating new boards, making new friends. If you are a site owner you will know how valuable the pinterest community can be to your site. It is of no surprise that people are focusing their efforts on a select few social networks and pinterest is the main one for us. I came across pingraphy via a ‘pin’ on pinterest as I had been looking at several apps and plugins for scheduling my pins.

I know that people don’t like to see a stream of pins from one user, much like a stream of tweets or facebook posts. With pingraphy you can schedule your pins and this will mean you’re not tied to keep logging into pinterest at your key times of the day. 

  • You can enter your URL and pick which pictures to pin from that page
  • You can select a different board for each photo you pin. For example, if you have some exercise tips you might want to use one photo on your Health board and another on your Sport board. Easy peasy!
  • You can write a different description for each photo.
  • You can also track what your followers have re-pinned. You might really love that board about vases. You’ve pinned over 500 photos to it but it’s had just 30 re-pins. Invest that time into another board like Valentine’s Day, you have just 40 pins but 120 re-pins. Your vases board could go on your personal pinterest page but don’t focus your business account on it. Save your time for pins where you see more benefit.
  • You can see your Top 10 pins. Have a look at these every so often and try to focus some content to match their popularity.
  • There is a simple bookmarklet that you add to your toolbar so when you surf the internet you can easily start scheduling on the go.

Pingraphy is still new and there are a few technical hitches every now and then. I have experienced just one night of downtime but my scheduled pins still ran, I just could not log in. You can’t login to pingraphy using your twitter or facebook login as you might on pinterest. You need to login using the email and password options on pinterest so make sure you have these handy when you join.

It has definitely helped keep me on top of our pinterest account and also my own pinterest too. But it is also worthwhile to spend some time without pingraphy. Make sure you are re-pinning others and putting comments. Keep up with what’s going on through your dashboard too. Pingraphy will just focus your time better and that cannot be bad.

You can follow the Daily Waffle Pinterest here pinterest.com/dwtowers/ and my own pinterest is here pinterest.com/blissbubbley/.

Drop me your pinterest details in the comments below and I’ll follow you back!

Have you used pingraphy yet?

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