What’s the Best Type of Men’s Underwear

When it comes to underwear, most men tend to wear what is comfortable, although younger men may also want to give a nod to current fashions in underwear. Men don’t see their underwear in the same light as women see theirs although this is changing.

As fashions change and more men become particular about the type of pants that they buy there are new ranges of men’s silk underwear on the market.

There are three basic types of underwear for men, briefs, loose boxer shorts and tight boxer shorts. Men are far more likely to be creatures of habit when it comes to clothing than are women but their attitudes to underwear are beginning to change, albeit slowly.

Loose Boxers

Just over a quarter of all men prefer loose boxer shorts, but this is changing among younger men who are becoming more conscious of what they wear and the different types of underwear out there.

By and large loose boxer shorts are not particularly attractive garments, and probably not as comfortable as old fashioned Y fronts. Loose boxers are usually made from cotton or flannel. Some loose boxer wearers are a bit more concerned about the type of boxers they wear, e.g. designer brands such as Calvin Klein.

Men who wear more upmarket or designer loose boxers are fairly limited in their colour choice as these boxers are usually available only in black, white or grey – even that is a step up from old fashioned white only Y fronts. Designers such as Calvin Klein and Armani usually have their name inscribed on the waistband. Those men who find it harder to respond to changing fashions in underwear tend to prefer briefs.

Men’s Briefs

Up until the nineteen sixties most men wore white cotton briefs but the spirit of the age was change. Many men took to wearing briefs in bright colours and in materials other than cotton. While nineteen sixties briefs may have been more colourful, they were not always attractive; nevertheless more than 50% of men still prefer to wear briefs.

In recent years even briefs have gone beyond the slinky black and leopard skin varieties that came out of the sixties. High end briefs are easier to wear and easier on the eye than in the past.

Tight Boxers

Tight boxers are worn by just over twenty percent of men but the number is growing as wearers tend to find them more comfortable as well as better looking. Those men who exercise or visit the gym tend to find that they get more support from tight briefs.

The designers who are changing men’s attitudes to underwear with high end loose boxers and briefs are doing the same thing with tight boxers. If you are looking for men’s silk underwear then there is probably greater choice in this type of boxer than in the others. If what you are looking for is comfort and style in underwear, tight boxers are getting to be a winning choice.

This article was written by Ben Frisby on behalf of Patra, retailers of men’s silk underwear. Find out more about men’s silk underwear on their site.

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