Amazing Facts about Writing and the Brain (infographic)

The brain is such a strange and fascinating organ and it’s amazing to learn about how it works. This interesting infographic looks at how the brain functions when it comes to writing and reading. If you are a writer, or are interesting in writing, you might find some of these facts quite compelling.

For example, did you know that there is a scientific explanation for why writing something down helps you to remember it better? Did you know that metaphors and descriptive language actually activate different parts of your brain than factual language? Did you know that when we are listening to a story, the areas of our brain light up in a pattern that mirrors the brain activity of the story teller?

These sorts of facts are very interesting and they shed some light on why storytelling has persisted as one of the most powerful means of communication throughout human history. We can apply these lessons to our writing in order to make it more emotive and effective to the reader.

Check out the infographic to learn more about writing, reading and the brain and keep it in mind the next time you are working on a writing assignment, whether it is a novel, sales copy or anything else.

Ian Arnison-Phillips is a writer who believes that interesting facts and story-telling are vital components when guest blogging as they activate different sections of the reader’s brain and create a greater level of interest.

Amazing Facts about Writing and the Brain

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