Amazons’ Kindle Success – How Their Initial Release Is Maintained

For some people it may seem like just a few years have passed since Amazon released their first Kindle, however, it was actually over half a decade ago. Since then, Amazon has evolved as a company for both buyers and sellers. Amazon made a giant step when they first came out with the famous e-readers.

Not only was history made within the company itself, but also through technology. After their release, many other companies, such as the famous book store Barnes and Noble, came out with their own e-readers. Both tablets and e-readers are competing against each other; e-readers such as the Kindle Fire are now capable of searching the web, purchasing apps, and playing games.

Amazon released the first Kindle late in 2007. After selling out in less than 6 hours, it seemed as though Amazon took a step back to take a deep breath before getting more in stock in April of 2008. Since then, Amazon went into full force and hasn’t skipped a year since.

Since their first Kindle in 2007, Amazon has released 13 Kindle devices. The first Kindle was, and still is, the only Kindle with an SD card slot, giving the option for expandable memory.

However, many people were skeptical, saying the screen would affect their eyes and staring at it for too long wasn’t  good for them, but Amazon thought ahead of the game, and made the basic Kindles easy to read, and the screen almost just like reading a book.

The screens on the Kindle aren’t bad for your eyes and don’t even have a glare! However, the Kindle Fire has a bit higher resolution, the basic Kindles are all safe and easy on the eyes.

The summer reads beside the beach just got better, and the Kindle really does fit in your pocket!

The Kindle is a really well-worth it device, it has high quality features such as its weight, great battery life, and the ability to customize the font type, font size, and even spacing. The basic Kindle is just $69 and goes up to $179 for a Paperwhite with 3G.

There are over a million titles in the Amazon bookstore for Kindle for less than ten dollars. If you enjoy reading on the go, the Kindle is a must buy, and for $69, you can’t go wrong.

If you are a student, or know of a student who prefers having all their books with them on the go, consider purchasing a Kindle for yourself or as a gift. Whatever your reasoning may be to make a purchase, both you and your pocket will be glad you did so.

Robert is a technology guru. After learning about web security as well as dedicated servers and vps hosting, he is now a freelancer and assists many clients around the world. Robert has a passion for science, and when not expanding his knowledge, he is out cycling or playing sports.

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