Annoying Texters We’re All Familiar With (Infographic)

Texting has become an integral part of our lives. Everyone has their own unique texting style, but every single one of those styles and at times those styles please us, while on occasion they annoy us to no end. Here are a few typical texters that we’ve managed to come up with.


Epitomized by extremely long messages, these texts never seem to end. It also defeats the purpose of sending text messages by carrying unnecessary details instead of keeping this concise. The recipient can doze off going through these days, or could choose not bothering to read the whole thing.


Highlighted by a swear word after every three words or so, these texts don’t follow any particular literary guide. There are vulgar expletives galore, and if you find the expletives offensive, you’d find communicating considerably difficult.


These messages are too “cool” to understand. You’d have to discern the real message in the texts and if you aren’t well-acquainted with this particular genre of language, you might have your work cut out figuring out the message.


Characterized by extremely brief texts, and are quite often limited to monosyllabic words. You’d have to wait a while as well, before these messages grace your inbox.


These are those never-ending cheese-fests that couples send each other throughout the day. It quite often includes pointless competitions regarding who loves or misses their significant other, more.

So, do you see someone you know? Or are you one of the texters we’ve talked about? Let us know what you think! 

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Annoying Texters We're All Familiar With

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