App Review: The Tribez

The Tribez app

The App store describes the game as “The Tribez is not just a game. It is an adventure.”

I could not agree more. I started playing this game before Christmas and I am totally and utterly hooked on it. You start off on an island and you have to build a small hut and from then on it’s all about building your community. The more houses you build the more workers you get but they all have their own needs; food, bars and community buildings. To be able to build you also need the materials to be able to build and this is where your workers come in as they will be working in your mills.

The workers are very cool and respond to your tasks with an “ok” or “yo”. There are enemies called Murlods who scare your workers and can set fire to your buildings, it’s ok you’ve got dinosaurs to frighten them away. Although to me the dinosaurs look cute and I want to ride one like the workers do.

Tribez app

The longer you play the more adventures you will come across. I now have three different islands with produce and materials needed on various islands to keep everyone happy. There are lots of tasks to do to keep you busy and of course everything you do costs game money.

The app itself is free but there are in-game app opportunities, I haven’t spent a penny on this game. I prefer to wait for things to happen in real time, in the early stages tasks will be completed in a few minutes but the further you go some things may take a day.

The game is so addictive and you’ll want to keep going back to make sure that your community is safe. Also you can play the game offline! One thing though as I did download this game originally on my iPhone and I found I couldn’t transfer my game to the iPad so think about how you want to play the game. It is obviously better in size on the iPad but I had no trouble getting around on the iPhone version either.

Is anyone else addicted?

You can download the app here

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