Is technology the future of recruitment?

It is becoming even more apparent that being able to employ the right people is going to become increasingly difficult in the future. Many industry sectors are already suffering as a result of a lack of skilled workers which is set to become a whole lot worse.

Employers are looking to find suitable ways of saving money in the recruitment process by trying to find suitable candidates through job boards. Therefore, it is of fundamental importance for recruitment advertising agencies to be able to adapt to the growing use of online channels/job boards by integrating these into their own recruitment strategies for companies.

As well as having to integrate the use of job boards into their recruitment strategies,  recruitment advertising agencies will need to become accustomed to the potential pitfalls associated with the use of job boards as well as the benefits if it makes a shift towards using a ‘pay-per-click’ model.

Other areas which recruiters will need to be aware of is the growing use of social networking sites where employers are able to target potential employees either directly or indirectly through these sites.

As well as through social networking sites, recruiters will need to put into practice a greater use of online ‘word-of-mouth’ (WOM) marketing programmes. This is where the recruitment agency will help the employer put together a video that epitomises what the company represents and what it is like to work in the organisation. It is essential that you make sure the video is interesting, able to keep the attention of potential candidates and sharable through a variety of online communication channels such as by email or through YouTube.

Current technological advances in use will help the recruitment process by allowing employers to create their own ‘talent-pools’ This will enable organisations to keep in touch with potential employees and also allow them to contact these candidates when job opportunities arise.

In order to attract the best candidates, recruitment advertising agencies will need to become more accustomed to using online recruitment advertising alongside the traditional methods of recruitment advertising. They will need to look into integrating job boards, blogs and social networking sites into their recruitment campaigns to be able to reach out to the growing number of online jobseekers.

If you are looking to recruit the right type of candidates then you should find out more about recruitment advertising agencies and the different offline and online recruitment services that they can offer your organisation by visiting:

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