L’Oreal Wild Ombre: Gorgeous Hair For Under A Tenner!

L’Oreal Wild Ombre

I’ve been longing to change my hair for months now; mid length, mousey brown hair no longer cuts it in today’s edgy society! The thing is, I’ve never dyed my hair permanently, so a drastic change was a daunting prospect. What if I didn’t like it? What if I did it wrong? I’m not the most able when it comes to hairstyles, so it was very likely I would make a monumental screw up and end up having to shave it all off a la Jessie J or Britney (bitch).

In the end, it came down to either a full fringe or dip-dye, but I had a full fringe when I was younger and didn’t want to look 13 again. I’m on a limited student budget, and due to the introduction of L’oreal Wild Ombre, my desired hair was achievable for under a tenner!

My hair is naturally quite a dull light brown, so I went with Shade no.3 (far right on the picture above) to give my hair luminosity and a bit of excitement. At the recommendation of my hairdresser however, I dyed my hair slightly darker first to ensure the blonde would stand out. For this I used Nice ‘n’ Easy in Light Golden Brown.

The actual process of using Wild Ombre was seamlessly simple and panic-free. When dying it brown a few days before, I nearly had a meltdown when I thought I could see a glint of ginger shining on my scalp! This, thankfully, was just my bathroom light, and my hair is perfectly fine and brown!

To dip-dye your hair with Wild Ombre, you use a specially designed applicator brush which makes it easy to distribute the dye evenly through the bottom half of your hair without any mess or painful knots! The only struggle is ensuring that both sides of your hair are even in height; nobody wants wonky hair! This would be easiest done with the help of someone else, but I managed fine with just me and a mirror to see the back of my head!

The leaflet recommends a wait of 25-45 minutes for the blonde to set; I would definitely recommend waiting the full 45 minutes! My first attempt at dip-dye wasn’t as successful or as noticeable as I would have liked, meaning I had to do it again with my leftover dye an hour later! Please don’t let this reflect bad on the product though, it was simply down to my own impatience at waiting, which led me to washing the dye off after only half an hour. My hair was still lighter, but I wanted it to stand out more. Here’s how my first attempt went:

L’Oreal Wild Ombre

L’Oreal Wild Ombre

Thankfully, L’oreal provides enough dye to do your whole head of hair, never mind the bottom half! This meant that I was able to have the hairstyle I desired, even if it did take me over an hour more than I was expecting! I could tell that I was getting closer to my desired colour as you can actually see your hair getting lighter and lighter through the dye as you wait!

After another 35 minutes of dye, I washed the dye off. But this time, instead of using the conditioning crème L’oreal provide, I used my own conditioner and left it on for 10 minutes; I wasn’t too keen on the way the conditioning crème made my hair feel the first time round, and I was also wary at the amount my hair had been through in one night so wanted to protect it as much as possible!

Even before drying and styling, I was already much happier about the colour of my hair! It was really noticeable and was the perfect gingery-blonde that I was aiming for.

L’Oreal Wild Ombre

Despite the faff on I encountered with having to do the process of dip-dye twice, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone! It’s really simple to use, there’s no mess and there’s no overwhelming smell! Yes, my hair isn’t in perfect condition after the process, but it wasn’t in brilliant condition to start with, and it’s nothing an intensive hair treatment can’t fix!

Have you used L’oreal Wild Ombre? How did you find the process? Let me know by commenting below!

Author Bio – Ellie is an 18 year old English Literature student, entertainment reviewer, and cheesy music/tv enthusiast. For all her work, go to http://pluggedbyme.blogspot.co.uk

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Ellie is an 18 year old English Literature student, entertainment reviewer, and cheesy music/tv enthusiast. For all her work, go to http://pluggedbyme.blogspot.co.uk
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