LOVE is all you need…

I don’t know exactly why (any therapists out there would probably be able to figure it out lol) but I have a thing for things that say LOVE on them; kinda always have.

I have pretty things in my home that say LOVE; ceramic letters, wall hangings, cushions etc. Then I have quite a few things in my closet too. Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of cute things that’d feed my addiction and I thought I’d share some of my fashion finds with you.

Maybe if you wear LOVE you’ll get lots of it?? Hmmm I wonder if that’d work with like money signs… 😉

LOVE Fashion

From Left-Right:

ASOS – Love Bracelet Multipack
Miss Selfridge Pink Love Jumper
Vans – Authentic “LoveMe” Trainers
TOPSHOP – Love Tube Skirt
OPI – “Hopelessly In Love” Nail Polish
River Island – Silver Love Stacked Ring
ASOS – Love Heart Multipack

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