Music Monday: Wham- Wake Me Up Before You Go Go


This song was apparently inspired by a note Andrew Ridgeley left for his parents on his bedroom door reading “Wake me up before you go go”. Wham had been, in their words not mine, a politically motivated band with a dark and moody edge and this song was meant to be a sunnier turn in their music. I personally absolutely adore this song and I always have done. I think it’s an absolute must for any wedding or similar other family gathering where your Nan can do her best moves in a flowery dress.

The music video introduced Ridgeley as the guitar player of the group, and was aimed at teenage fans. Michael, Ridgeley and backing singers Pepsi and Shirlie were wearing Katharine Hamnett t-shirts which read “CHOOSE LIFE” on the front, which was originally a slogan aimed at drug abusers and those considering suicide. The back of the t-shirt says “GO GO” and were incredibly sought after items of the 80’s. (I must say, I’ve seen one claiming to be original going on eBay for a stonking amount of money.)

George Michael also wore luminous gloves in this video and has moaned that whenever anyone mentions this song this is the clip they show of him. The video was filmed at Brixton Academy in South London and has become a symbol and staple of 80’s music and fashion.

I promise I will never leave you hanging on like a yo-yo.

From the album: Make It Big

Released: 23 October 1984

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