Review: Egg Fried Mice

egg fried mice is the home of takeaway sweets. Thanks to them and the Daily Waffle I had the big honour of reviewing these.

Now, there’s something you should know about me. Tell me I can never have cake again, I’ll get over it. Crisps, well, I’d manage. A hot cup of tea? That’s okay, I can have coffee. But tell me I can never have sweets again, well, that’s it. I’m not talking to you any more.

My little parcel arrived from the company in super quick time. My takeaway box of sweeties was lovingly cocooned in bubble wrap and comes with a set of wooden chopsticks to eat your takeaway with. My box contained little fried egg sweets, milk chocolate mice, white chocolate mice, smarties and rainbow drops. I did indeed eat the entire box with chopsticks, which I didn’t actually know I could use. Turns out I am a master. The fried eggs are deliciously fresh and lemony tasting. The mice were soft and creamy, and really tasted like very expensive chocolate! I adore rainbow drops, in all their pretty pastel colours, and I saved all the smarties until last. It was delicious, and it is such a novel and clever idea.

I would be over the moon to get this as a present from anyone. It’s such a sweet little gift and there’s a great selection available from the website. The pricing is excellent and I would very happily pay the price given for what’s on offer. The sweets are just gorgeous and the presentation makes it all the better- you can have Egg Fried Mice, Pork Chow Mein, Pork Fried Rice and so on. It’s a dinky box of heaven.

I think it would be great to not tell someone what they are, and just hand them a little takeaway box and the chopsticks, and then let them be surprised at the goodies on offer. They’d also be great as party or wedding favours. The website also offers half pound bags, jars of sweets and party bags, all superbly priced and beautifully presented.

With very big thanks to the Daily Waffle and, which I hope you’re all going to try very soon.

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