The Infographic Craze

You’d have to have been living under a rock lately not to know that infographics are absolutely everywhere. It’s not difficult to understand why either. Infographics combine everything people love about the internet and social networking into one easy-to-share package – color, imagery, information, and wit. Figure out how to successfully create infographics of your own and you have a mighty successful marketing tool on your hands!

Take a look at the following “graphic about graphics” for everything you need to know to make sure your infographics are everything they need to be in order to be effective. Find out which of today’s hot social networking venues are your best options for helping your infographic go viral. Learn what it really takes to create a successful infographic from design, to wording, to marketing. Even get an insider’s peek at the numbers in regards to how infographics have grown in recent years!

Adam DeJong, marketing director at a leading internet marketing and SEO company.

Guide to Infographic Marketing for Your SEO Campaign=

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