The Internet Revolution Creates Positive Change (infographic)

Since the start of this century, the Internet has greatly changed how ordinary people live and work. For the most part, these changes have been positive in nature. Perhaps first and foremost, the Internet empowers ordinary people to undermine dictatorial regimes and improve their national institutions. Fueled by the use of Facebook and other social networks, the Arab spring movement of 2011 showed that the Internet can help topple dictatorships. Any technology that helps people organize and access information can be used to promote democracy and freedom.

Beyond providing organizational tools, the Internet provides sterling entertainment choices. Every day, millions of people use multimedia sites like YouTube and Instagram. With about ninety million monthly visitors. Instagram is one of the most popular sites for disseminating images. According to recent statistics, roughly two and a half billion people use the Internet on a regular basis. As more and more people discover the Internet, it’s likely that humanity will experience untold benefits.

Source: The Internet Changed the World

The Internet Revolution Creates Positive Change

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