Tuesday’s Tech Take: Spotify in Our Cars

I think the main attraction of technology in this century is that they all encompass each other. This wasn’t possible 50, 25, or even 10 years ago, but now that it is, we’ll always want new ways to integrate them together.

It happened with the smartphone. It happened with Twitter, Facebook and television finding a way to use and incorporate each other onto their respective platforms with hashtag and pages dedicated to the best networks and shows. It happened with musical artists like Girl Talk making mashups of 2 or more songs to create a new mix on tunes we love. Just like it happened with X Boxes and Blu Ray players adding apps that include Netflix and YouTube.

And it’s going to continue to happen– the more we progress, the more we want the new to mix with the old and the more we want our lives and technologies to become simpler and all inclusive. And I wouldn’t be writing about this if it wasn’t happening again:

Spotify is continuing this trend as it’s making its way into our cars now. If you’re a Ford customer, have the Ford Sync AppLink and one of the new vehicles carrying this feature, you can use everyone’s favorite music social media in your vehicle through your radio. It’s even easier to use than hooking up your smartphone to your radio if you already have Spotify’s app. It’s included in over 1 million cars in the US and is expanding into Europe. But I’ll state the obvious: this is going to blow up. In a little bit of time, tons of other American and European car companies will be signing up for this as well.

Because its convenience at its finest.

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