Have you looked through your twitter archive yet?

twitter archive

At the end of 2012 Twitter let its users be able to download their twitter archive, personally I waited a while for the rush of everyone else doing theirs. Then I downloaded my own twitter archive.

It was a mixture of reactions that I had when I read through – mainly “Why did I type that?” and it was also interesting to see my spike usage was very high in the first year and has really slipped off since. Some months still spike more and especially around sporting events, I expect it will heavily do the same this year when The Ashes is on. I am a bit addicted!

Of course first tweets are very fun to look at which makes me laugh as my first tweet was a reply to another tweeter saying “how are you”. Doh! No insightful embarrassing tweet just the pure friendly nature of me. Most of my tweets have been interactions with others, rather than just sending random updates constantly, although they do still feature obviously!

It hasn’t changed the way I tweet as I have always tried to be a thoughtful tweeter. I’m not trying to cause arguments so my tweets are not going to cause upset, well some might but I don’t mean them to. I haven’t changed the way I tweet over the near four years that I have been on there but I do tweet less. Mainly that is due to time and the fact that quite a lot of the people have become good friends and we use other modes of contact now, mainly Whatsapp, Skype, Text or the good old phone call.

Have you downloaded your twitter archive yet? What was the first thing you looked for? Any cringe-worthy tweets?

Let me know below.

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