How to Survive Final Exams

With Spring peeling away from the edges, slivers of Summer are already beginning to burst through. Students everywhere are beginning to look out their windows to see blue skies filled with fluffy white clouds and sun and hope and rainbows- until a great stormy cloud of death and desolation engulfs the horizon. That cloud is called exams.
Okay, that may have been slightly dramatic, but who can honestly say that they love sitting an exam? We all dread them, but unfortunately, we all must do them.

Luckily, there are some ways in which we can help ourselves along the way, and make some attempt at keeping ourselves slightly sane. And so I give you this, a short list compiled of ways to keep your motivation high and enjoy survive those exams.
1. Coffee. Tea. Water. You’re going to need it, and you’re going to need lots of it. Take it when studying or when taking a break, depending on whether you want it to stimulate or relax you. When I study, my desk becomes a war zone of pages painted with coffee rings and scattered half empty mugs. That’s probably not the best way to go about revising, but I do find coffee helps to keep my strengths up while calming me down, and this may just help you too.

2. Old clothes. Fashion? You think we have time for fashion?! Forget about those days when you were once a walking designer advert, it’s time for oversized hoodies, t-shirts and sweats. Don’t waste time getting dressed up to sit down and work, wear something comfortable so you can study without distractions from beautiful but hugely uncomfortable clothes.

3. Music. This is something that works for some and doesn’t for others. It all depends on your concentration span- I personally can listen to music, but only without lyrics. For those of you like me, I would recommend these two playlists for all your studying needs:
I Wish My Life Had Background Music
Ultimate Study Playlist
However, music can also be used to relax yourself after a session of serious study, and for those people who need to chill afterwards, I bid you try this playlist:
Escape to this.4. Rewards. On the topic of music, there are many other ways to keep yourself motivated. Reward yourself after finishing a long session with breaks and treats. Go for a walk, have some food, watch TV, whatever works! Make sure to maintain a balance though. A solid fifteen minutes of note-highlighting does not mean you deserve to take a three hour break to watch funny cat videos on YouTube or seven hours scrolling through Tumblr. Work hard, and give yourself rewards when you feel you deserve them.

5. Goals. If you want to progress in any way, you need to ask yourself this question- what do I want to achieve? Spend a little time thinking about your goals (and by little time I do not mean spending hours making a colour-coded list of goals complete with Venn Diagram and sixty page slideshow presentation) and then work towards them. It’ll keep you motivated, and also will be incredibly satisfying when you get the results you wanted.

6. Self-discipline. This one is pretty self-explanatory- if you want to do well, you need to work for it.

7. Lastly, self-confidence. You’re not going to fail as long as you believe you won’t fail, and put in the work. Be confident- you’ve learnt the course, you know this, all you have to do is go over it again to ensure you know it when the exam comes around. Believe in yourself, do your best, and what have you to lose?

Exams are hard, but you’ve got to remember they’re hard for everyone else too. We’re all in the same boat, but with a little boost here and there we can all work towards getting the grades we want. I hope this list helped you even in the slightest, and if you have any tips for your fellow students, feel free to comment them below!

Good luck everyone!

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