Father’s Day Gifts

Father's Day

Slippers or a beige tie, right? Father’s Day might take place on the same day each year but that doesn’t mean we get any better at buying presents for it.

Why not get them something they might actually want or at least have fun with this year? From the practical to the more imaginative, getting your dad personalised gifts for Father’s Day will set you up for months as their favourite son or daughter.

Read on to find out some of the best, brightest and most downright bonkers present ideas you could use this year.

The practical

Does your dad enjoy a beer or two? Likes nothing better than spending a lazy Sunday afternoon down the pub with his friends? Well this gift could be just for him…

The beer pouch sweatshirt combines comfort and pragmatism, helping them to carry their drinks from the bar to their table in one trip. The fact they will be able to spend more time in their comfy seat can only mean more brownie points for you in the long run.

We all know dad’s love credit and discount cards, so why not buy them something to keep them together this year? The highly durable unbreakable wallet is stain and water resistant, meaning they won’t have any excuse for not bringing their money with them next time you go for lunch.

Most dads of a certain age enjoy taking naps in front of the fire during winter – or in fact any time of the year. Why not treat them to a slanket to help them stay comfortable while they’re grabbing 40 winks on the couch.

The bizarre

If there are two things most dads hate it’s doing the washing and trying to stay in shape. Well this Father’s Day you could kill two birds with one stone by giving them a laundry punch bag. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, your dad can take out a day’s worth of frustration on 24 hours of dirty clothes whilst working up a sweat.

Does your dad play golf?  If so he will no doubt have lost a few balls in his time. Well that could be a thing of the past if the makers of the golf ball finding glasses are to be believed. Working by illuminating the white coloured objects, the glasses should help them dodge penalty shots and stop them tearing out what’s left of their hair when searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

The extravagant

Father’s Day is the one day of the year when you’re supposed to spoil them so make sure you pull out all the stops.

Remember, it’s not just mum that enjoys sweets – why not treat your dad to a king-size bar of chocolate this year?

If your dad is looking for a hobby and loves pottering around in the garage then a home brewing kit could be just the Father’s Day gift for them. Coming in various size, difficulties and flavours, they’ll hopefully at least give you a bottle or two if all goes well with the kit.

Depending on how flush you’re feeling, the time around Father’s Day is also traditionally when football fans renew their season tickets. Why not get him out from underneath your mum’s feet and buy up his seat for another year?

Last but not least, why not give your dad a ‘Grandad journal’ to fill out their life story in before passing it on to their grandchildren. Coming in various shapes and sizes, this sentimental present could be the most thoughtful gift you’ll ever give.

What’s the best Father’s Day gift you’ve ever given?

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