Made In Chelsea S05E08: “Such A Small World. That’s Chelsea.”

Made in Chelsea

As per, this week’s Made In Chelsea focused strongly on the whirlwind romance of Andy and Louise, and the chaotic aftermath of the Louise/Spencer tornado. Louise is continuing her bitterness towards both Spencer and Lucy, which is really grinding my gears now and making me want to break my TV screen to attack her if she talks for more than 5 seconds. It’s heartbreaking to see Andy being walked all over, and Louise ruining any chance of happiness she has with him by masking her still-present feelings for Spencer. In this week’s episode, Andy confronted Louise (in the nicest, sweetest way) about her excessive emotion and the waterworks that ensued after Spencer chatted to her at Binky’s barn dance. I don’t know why Jamie was so shocked when Spencer told him Louise cried again, she cries all the time!

It is clear that Andy is besotted with Louise, so why did she need to be so defensive, and cocky, with her response. She needs to understand that she can put her guard down, instead of insulting Andy and calling his worries ‘silly’.¬†Despite saying ‘I’m so over it’ approximately a million times per episode, we all still know that Louise is certainly not over it. Which is why I was so shocked when she declared that she was falling in love with Andy! I’m pretty sure that they’ve been an item for only the past two episodes, which is about 3 weeks in ‘real’ life, maybe? There is no way on earth she is in love with Andy, when all of her attentions and feelings are still so heavily focused on Spencer. Spencer described the suddenness of the new relationship brilliantly with ‘you’ve inherited a problem of mine’.

It seems we’ve all inherited the problem: the miserable, bitter Louise who just doesn’t let things go. And why can everyone see it but her, Andy and Rosie? I nearly spat my cup of tea out when Rosie said ‘I haven’t seen you so easy going and relaxed in a long time’. Is that the same Louise Thompson you’re thinking of? She’s certainly not ‘easy-going’, and she loves making any situation anything but relaxed. Claiming Stevie and Lucy are ‘stalking’ her is pretty melodramatic, wouldn’t you agree?

There’s something no one saw coming: Lucy and Stevie living together. How random?! I highly doubt anything is going on with them, but nevertheless the move is bound to make shockwaves in Chelsea. What if Andy and Louise get invited round for a dinner-date? That would be TV gold! It seems we’re in store for more awkward conversations with the troublesome twosome that is Lucy and Louise. I’m ‘Team Watson’!

My final (I promise!) moan about Louise concerns the beautiful Francis Boulle, who unfortunately didn’t feature in this week’s episode. Francis, and only Francis, can get away with skateboarding around Chelsea. Stop it Louise, you are not cool.

Putting Louise firmly to the back of my mind now (I can only take so much of thinking about her without getting angry!), we move on to the budding (?) relationship between Lucy and Spencer.

I love how Spencer physically pulled the face of a small child tasting horrible medicine when Alex walked into the housewarming party as Lucy’s date. Maybe Lucy is the one who can make him realise that his actions haven’t been the most moral, and maybe (dare I say it) she will be the one to tame him. He certainly shows signs of maturity; his arranging of the ‘man-to-man’ talk with Andy, for instance, was pretty mature of him, despite us all feeling like Andy, waiting for there to be a catch of some sort. Thus far, there doesn’t seem to be.

As Lucy’s date, Alex, put it, Chelsea is such a small world. It turns out he was Phoebe’s first love, but was a bit of an ‘arsehole’ during their relationship. They broke up when they were 19, yet it seems Phoebe is still not over it. Or at least, she loves being a bitch about it.

I really despise the new Chelsea girls. They’re far too catty, even by Chelsea standards, and they bring nothing interesting to the set up. Olivia is probably the dullest person I’ve ever encountered. Who does she think she is insulting Lucy by saying she has ‘sloppy seconds yet again’?! I’m pretty sure that unless you marry the first person you ever kiss, everyone gets ‘sloppy seconds’. That’s life. Grrr.

Going by next week’s preview, Phoebe is continuing the bitchy streak, even being mean to poor Binky! That is a definite no-no in my book. The sooner these three girls migrate to somewhere more suited to their personalities (I’ve heard the North Pole is pretty boring this time of year, perfect!) the better.

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