National Vegetarian Week 2013 – Day Seven

Having spent the week celebrating all things veggie food wise, I thought I’d finish off with a look at where you can get some of the slightly less common veggie type food.

I wanted to find silken tofu and almond nut butter to experiment with but Tesco let me down and while I am sure Holland and Barrett would have been able to help me in store, online I couldn’t find them. Amazon had things I could order online but only in bulk. I wanted to be sure I liked the stuff before I started ordering cases of it. All hail the great god Google which came to my aid and pointed me towards Sometimes I write about place or products I have been asked to try out, this one I discovered all by myself and Veggie Stuff had no idea when I placed my order (soap, silken tofu, almond butter, pancake mix and sweets since you asked) that I would be writing about it.

This site has lots of different veggie and vegan stuff from burgers to chocolate and meat replacements to dairy free options. They also stock a few body care lotions and potions, 4 different nutrition supplements like flaxseed and protein powder. They even have vegetarian pet food. Some things I wanted were marked as out of stock and the postage came in at just over £5. But that is the price you pay for dealing with a smaller, ethical company. They have a great selection of veggie sweets, including vegetarian Haribo and I can see why Cook Vegetarian! magazine awarded them best Veggie Website back in 2010.

national vegetarian week

I place my order on Tuesday night (9.30pm) and it arrives on Monday morning. It seems like a long time but it’s actually only 4 working days. The box looks tiny too and when I open it the boxes of egg replacement and pancake mix are a bit battered around the edges. Then it occurs to me, the only packing material in this box is some bubble wrap around the jar of hazelnut butter. Unlike other companies Veggie Stuff seem to keep waste and packing to a minimum which makes sense and means I don’t mind the slightly less than perfect contents.

One lot of sweets come in a nice plastic jar and the others in a ziplock bag. The soap is small but perfectly formed and I later discover the pancake mix, despite being free from pretty much everything, makes amazing pancakes. All told my order came to just over £25 and having both priced up other options and struggled to easily find egg replacer in Tescos I think it is a reasonable amount and I will use them again.

national vegetarian week

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