Online recruitment advertising – How can you use Pinterest to recruit the right people?

Technology has evolved so much over the last few years that most companies have to look at new and improved ways of attracting the best employees. The challenge remains the same, finding the right person for not only the position but also someone that fits into the culture of the organisation. This can still prove to be a difficult and tedious process that is why many companies are looking at the option of using Pinterest to attract new employees.

Pinterest has the potential to be an extremely useful resource for companies to recruit new employees as well as this it can help to give potential candidates an idea of what the company is all about. Given the fact that Pinterest is a relatively new social media service, it may provide your company with the opportunity to access the talent before your competitors.

As well as the benefits that come with integrating Pinterest into your online recruitment advertising strategy, the quality of candidates through this platform are likely to be much greater as this marketing channel is relatively new and favours the early adopters and innovators.

Below are some fantastic pointers on how you can successfully use Pinterest to recruit new employees:

Put together a board for every job

By putting together a new board for each department, it will allow potential candidates to seek out the job and department, they are interested in.

Add a personal touch to each board by using a combination of keywords, targeted images and hashtags where appropriate.

One of the best ways to portray a job specification is either through a specifically created PDF or if your short of time a screenshot of the job specification with a link through to the job on the company website.

Pin more than photos

It is essential that you don’t limit the talent pool through only posting images as Pinterest can be used to post a variety of different content.

Ensure that you take the time to post content to each board that will appeal to your desired employee. If you are looking to target specific candidates within a certain field, for example an IT position then you may wish to upload a video that demonstrates the latest technologies that the company is looking to bring into the company.

Look to showcase the company’s culture and values

The whole purpose of online recruitment advertising is to find not only the right person for your job but also the right person for your company. To make sure that you attract the right candidates, use Pinterest to portray exactly what your company is all about in terms of culture and values through pinning pictures that show a personal touch.

One of the examples of this in practice is where you want to find a candidate that is really interested in networking opportunities, so the best thing to do would be to pin pictures of some of your employees at a recent trade fair or business event.

Another example is where you are searching for a candidate that has a team player mentality, so the best solution would be to pins pictures from the latest team building exercise.

Tap into popular interest communities

Given the fact that most people using Pinterest are female, it would be safe to assume that their interests would come to include things like travel, clothes and technology.

This awareness of general interests could be used to your advantage as you can pin similar content which links back to your workplace. One of the ways this can be done in practice is through pinning images of suitable interview attire or the latest stylish laptop and then ensuring that those images refer back to your content or relevant job specification or department.

Travel interests are one of the biggest themes on Pinterest, so you may wish to pin images of your different office locations as well as local places of interest such as restaurants, local parks and nearby sporting venues.

Build relationships

The most important part of any social media platform is to make sure that you engage and connect and build relationships with those people.

Even though Pinterest doesn’t let you make direct contact with people, it may be better to encourage conversations to take place on other social media sites that allow you to hold conversations such as Facebook and Twitter.

One of the other things you will need to do is make sure that you have a variety of ways for potential candidates to contact you. As well as this, you will need to make sure that the right people are in place to handle any queries from potential candidates. Remember it is all about the first impression so make sure that you don’t miss on the next best employee because of poor admin skills.

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