The Most Effective Tools for Digital Marketing in 2013

With the number of people using the internet every day, it’s a no brainer to use online marketing to one’s advantage. Here are the top 4 of the most significant online trends marketers can utilize for their businesses

Social Media

Most people nowadays wouldn’t go through their day without checking their Facebook and Twitter pages. Digital marketers see this as a chance to advertise to their pages to disseminate information. Business sites like LinkedIn and Google+ are also frequented by a lot of individuals so distributing information through these websites is a very good idea.

Mobile Marketing

Perhaps one of the best tools to use when talking about digital marketing is doing it through mobile. With mobile searches shadowing those who still use their PC’s, it is a brilliant move to provide mobile compatible ads such as those seen in different mobile apps.

Author Rank

Author ranking is also one of the options marketers open to expand in the year 2013. People will always look up to those credible people to provide them ideas on different sorts of things. Having these credible people to write for you would add positive feedback to your company increasing profitability.

Content Marketing

Businesses are also looking forward to the distribution of e-Newsletters, case studies, infographics and white papers to people to deliver their content. Not only will it increase site traffic, but it will also make lead generation easy for their businesses.

Infographic on Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2013
Dot Com Infoway – Internet Marketing Solutions

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