10 interior design blogs you need in your life

10 interior design blogs

About the author: Catherine Moss is a blogger for leading cheap cushions UK supplier Cushion Couture. Catherine dreams of living in a New York loft apartment and writing for Vogue.

Design trends and seasonal collections don’t stop at the catwalk, and for those who love fashion and furniture, the home is where the heart is. What better place to speak your signature style loud and proud than in your own front room? And just like in fashion, the cutting-edge entrepreneurs and moguls of the industry are blogging, blogging, blogging. So, I have gathered together a list of pure online heaven for the prospective decorator. Take screen shots, Instagrams and anything else you like, just be sure to take inspiration from the top ten interior design blogs you can no longer live without.

The biggest player in the game is Apartment Therapy. A huge number of hits and a slavish following make this the Anna Wintour of interior design blog sites. Its aptly titled content attracts a very NYC crowd so be prepared for everything from the slick to the outlandish when visiting this pioneer site.

For a gritty, rustic feel and some ideas on outbuildings and rural exteriors too, go to Ben Pentreath. This is where you’ll see projects in action and this London perspective on country living is a good mix of urban and traditional styles. Imagine Kate Moss’s ultimate country pad and you get the general idea.

Speaking of décor, hit up Decor8 for girly enthusiasm meets edgy art school kid all let loose on a loft apartment. Managing to be raw, sparse and print-pattern comfy all at the same time, you need to check this site out to get my drift on this lady’s style. Surprisingly liveable too.

Try Amber Interior Design for a laid-back and chatty blog which makes you feel like you’re really in the room. This well-crafted site is currently showing intricate boho patterning and textured fabrics. A welcoming and warm atmosphere feels like this blog really wants to know what you think. Like when your best friend decorates and asks your opinion.

For seriously Parisian chic, go to BODIE and FOU, but be prepared for some style envy. Vogue loves this site and its pared down rustica contrasted with elaborate Baroque furnishings. Think a Marie Antoinette dinner party set against bare stone walls. See if you can work with the Bikram Yoga programme being undertaken by its founders alongside checking out style tips.

The native home of interior design is Scandinavia and From Scandinavia with Love proves it. If you’re feeling a little jaded from all the hardcore hipness and scathingly cool stuff we just showed you, head to familiar but loveable territory with Nordic interior design. Clean lines, lots of white and simplistic yet beautiful functionality is the name of the game.

Design Milk seems to be a site for the lads, with tips on office chair ergonomics and Roman-inspired furnishings. Interior architecture could better describe the theme of this blog but don’t let that fool you into thinking fashion doesn’t beat at its heart. No frills or fluff here though, so be warned.

If you love renovation in all its forms, visit Katy Elliot’s Blog. This site gives you hours of fireplaces, staircases, bookshelves, stone flagging and all that’s in between for a real juicy look at a grand old restoration project. Take ideas for your own listed building or from-rags-to-riches-project.

Eco-warriors or the just plain skint can head to Design Squish for getting back to basics. This site has remade, remodelled and recycled items for home design and everything looks unique and fabulous. The site is sparse, leaving things to your imagination if you want to get the look. To emulate this at home requires creativity but the effort will pay off.

Finally, we make a salute to all things vintage with Patchwork Harmony. This gorgeous site champions all things homemade without being twee. Sewing, crochet and big cosy knits sit alongside ideas for florals, pastels and all things retro in your home. Fresh daisies and hand crafted wall hangings will vie for your attention here, so just sit back and let the ideas flow.

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