5 Super Cool Uses Of Technology In Everyday Items

Ah technology! The unstoppable march of progress, which enriches our everyday lives. It seems that everything you use these days has a computer, or a micro chip in it. Here’s 5 cool uses of technology in everyday items, that might be coming to a living room, kitchen or bathroom near you in 2013.

1. Smart Fridges

smart fridge from LG

There was a time when a fridge was just a big white box in the corner, that kept your beers cool and your lettuce crisp. Not anymore! Last year LG launched their Smart Manager fridge, which can monitor its own contents, manage your food shopping (automatically adding items to your online shop when you are low) and even download recipes.

With an LCD and wireless internet connection, this baby can also suggest meals, turn your oven on and set it to the correct temperature.

Sounds pretty awesome right? Well The Guardian didn’t think so, but hey… what do they know. Fridges that do our shopping for us sound good to me, particularly if the minimum level of beer is set at 24!

2. A Throne Fit For A King

futuristic toilet

What does your toilet do? Flush? Well, the Numi toilet from Kohler co can do that too, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

This technological monster has a whole host of other features, including streaming audio from your mobile (via bluetooth), a heated seat (for those cold winter mornings), a foot warmer, a deodorizer (possibly the most important innovation) and an LCD display.

Apparently you spend between 2 and 5 years of your life on the toilet, so you might as well make the most of it!

3. The Coolest Bed In The World

cool bed

Living in an apartment? Space an issue? Well, you maybe you need a BedUp!

Firstly, this is no ordinary fold up bed. It uses technology normally found in elevators to lower when it is time to sleep and raise during the day, turning itself into a sideboard with down lighters and everything.

It’s made by some French mob and will set you back a good few thousand dollars, but it gets top marks for James Bondesque cool. Check out a review here.

4. Intelligent Hair Straighteners

ghd eclipse

Most girls won’t go anywhere without their hair straighteners and these days, if you want the latest technology, the ghd Eclipse, you’ll have to fork out a cool (or should that be red hot) £195.

So what do you get for the money? Well, according to this review, you’ll get smart sensors that detect the temperature of the plates in 3 places, regulate accordingly and give you a finish like never before in record time. Sounds great, but I’d still probably end up burning my ears. Thank goodness I’m a guy and don’t have to worry about such things!

5. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

ice cream

And finally…

Fed up with your girlfriend or flat mate stealing your Ice Cream? Well, don’t worry, those geniuses at Ben & Jerry’s have got your back!

Adorned with the slogan ‘I’m sorry, but there is no u in my pint’ the lock (check it out here) will fit neatly to the lid of your tub of cookie dough or phish food and is secured by a secret combination that only you know. Just don’t forget it when you are drunk as hacking desparately at your tub with a knife will cause an awful mess and waste that yummy ice cream goodness.

So, there you have it, 5 cool uses of technology in the home for 2013, including a cyber fridge, an intelligent toilet, a bed that uses technology from elevators, smart hair straighteners and a lock for your ice cream. Whatever will they think of next!

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This article was written by David McSweeney, a 32 year old writer, blogger, programmer and guitarist from Glasgow Scotland. His ambition in life used to be becoming a successful singer/songwriter, but now he would settle for owning a Numi toilet. Follow David on Twitter @thindenim

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