Are you a Facebook lurker?

facebook lurker

Now I knew I was a twitter lurker and I am actually quite proud of that fact. But a Facebook lurker, could I be?

Urban Dictionary has two Facebook Lurker descriptions;

Someone that passively trawls Facebook, but doesn’t leave a Facebook footprint by writing on walls, commenting or liking things. Facebook lurkers love the book, but seek to create a facade that they’re never on it.


Someone who in desperate need for attention or socialization lurks on facebook chat waiting for some of his/her so-called friends to show up. Then lurker opens some casual conversation with online friend and subtly asks for some form of real life socialization.

I would say I am definitely the first option but I do ‘like’ and comment occasionally. I also know a few of the second one and they are actually why I sometimes tend to not post anything in case they jump on my every word! I rarely update my Facebook status, I do have very annoying Song Pop notifications but I like them and if they annoy anyone else then they can remove them themselves. I can’t control what annoys other people 😉

I also use instagram on it too, although I rarely use instagram that much either so it could be over a week before anything significant is on my Facebook wall. I have recently tried to be a bit more ‘non lurky’ but most of that is Facebook’s stupid way of displaying my feed. Why would anyone want a status update from a friend from last week and then another from a different friend from an hour ago. WHY!?!

I also found this list of the 12 most annoying types of Facebookers was very funny, although it mentioned Lurkers are a bit creepy! I’m not creepy but I definitely fall into the lazy stage, I go through and ‘like’ stuff and place the odd comment but I’m definitely not engaged to Facebook constantly. I also need to tidy my Facebook stream, I think unfollowing a lot of the pages might help.

But I can’t quit Facebook so don’t even recommend that. How would I keep up with all the foot injuries, baby photos and random updates of your dating life without it. Did I mention I was nosey?

What about you, are you a Facebook lurker?

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