Back pain and pride

I have never been a good sleeper and in many ways I do not even know what people would say is a ‘good sleeper’. I average about four hours sleep a night and chuck in the toddler who randomly likes to wake up at about 3am for carrots or whatever random delicacy she might want, it’s probably really only three hours.

I do sometimes sleep for a long time, normally when I am ill. Although my wife normally wakes me up with the words “Oh good, I thought you might be dead” – cheers love. I have never really had any side effects to not getting enough sleep and I have tried many ways of getting more sleep; cutting the caffeine, exercising more, changing of diet… the list goes on.

I cannot sleep during the day (unless I am ill), even if I have had no sleep I just cannot sleep until the day has finished. My wife on the other hand can nap, she does those really envious naps where she sleeps for 30 minutes and she can feel like she has slept for hours.

My sleep or lack of as many would yell, has been no problem to me. Although when mentioning that I have been getting lower back pain recently, the most common thing people/google has said is to get at least eight hours sleep. I know that our bodies need sleep to recover and I know I am getting old, I bought slippers last week!

lower back pain

So I have agreed that I need to get regular back massages, as apparently I am moaning about my back a lot and I refuse to take pills for it. The wife has well and truly given up on the sympathy towards her ageing, grumpy husband every time I mention my back. I did mention I had shoulder pain the other day, “All about your back but blah blah blah”

I should listen.

She should not have to turn her advice into ‘blah’. She makes sense and I need to stop being so stubborn. All was going really well with my back once I had booked an appointment for my back and I told her I had hired a new apprentice at work;

Me “He’s 21, he’s a cracking lad”

My wife “21. He’s old enough to be your son” She then laughed.

Me “My back hurts. My shoulder. My pride”

Age is now not allowed to be discussed in our house. EVER!

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