Best Male Hairstyles for the Holiday Season

men's hairstyles

Male hairstyles are no longer just about the short back and sides and they have become ultimately more stylish and definitely more adventurous. There are some stylish looks this season, which require minimal effort while still managing to look great. Your barber will be able to advise you on the best hairstyles for your face shape and the ones that are the most stylish this season.

When you are going on holiday, your hair should be the least of your worries and you don’t need a cut that takes a lot of styling and maintenance when you are in and out of a pool and busy sightseeing. It seems the fashion world has understood our queries and this seasons hairstyles seem to be all about the low maintenance, short cuts.

A buzz cut is on trend this summer and with the likes of Gerard Butler sporting the look, we can understand why. The buzz cut is an extremely masculine look and gives off the idea that the man wearing it is too busy at the gym to spend time caring for his hair. This makes it perfect for your holiday abroad and with minimal effort that is required, you can still look just as good as those who have spent hours styling their hair.

Voluminous hair is very trendy this season and while quiffs may take a lot of time and effort transitions can be made to make it easier. Curly hair is usually naturally voluminous, making it the desirable option for this season. For those who haven’t been blessed with curly locks, hair product such a mousse can help you achieve the perfect volume for this look. While you may not want a quiff, an alternative for summer is a short back and sides with the hair being longer on top.

A sleek side parting was very on trend in winter and doesn’t seem to have vanished just yet. It offers a professional image, perfect for those in the business world and can be easily transitioned for a beach side look. The sleek finish means you can practically get out of bed and walk out the door, using only a little product to ensure your side parting stays how it should. The look is completely versatile and it is being sported by men of all ages.

You can easily make the transition from bed head to surfer style, with the summer look being just a little bit shorter with plenty more layers. This is practically the only variation of the style, making it easy when you visit your local barber. Contrary to common thought, the bed head style does take some effort and it isn’t as easy as clambering out of bed and walking out the door with the same hairstyle.

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