Connect with friends while playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Nintendo has highlighted the various ways players of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate can enjoy the game with their friends. In a new infographic the company has pointed out local play is possible for up to four users by linking their Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL consoles together in order to take on enemies. But it doesn’t stop there as you’ll be able to use your Wii U to go online and fight beasts with fellow hunters from across the globe, with the Wii U GamePad Microphone even making it possible for you to chat and exchange tips on your how to take down the gigantic monsters.

With a local Wi-Fi connection you can connect three Nintendo 3DS consoles to a single Wii U, meaning four hunters can enjoy the action in the same room. You can then continue your adventures on the move as data saved will be transferable between the handheld and static console. Avid gamers might also be pleased to hear Nintendo intends to make additional quests available to download on a regular basis, so it sounds like there’ll be plenty of good reasons to keep coming back to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate long after you start playing.

monster hunter 3

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