Decorate Your Nails With Colour Psychology

It’s easy to get into a rut with nails and either lose interest in them or stick to the same colour scheme without variation, but by looking at your nails in a new light you can transform not only their look but also the feeling you or others get when they come into contact with you. There are many people who are unaware of how we subconsciously think and feel when exposed to different colours, but by learning these associations and tailoring them to your nails and any other clothing and accessories, you’ll have a fun way of changing up your look and potentially alter their first impressions of you.

What We Think When We See Certain Colours

Colours have good and bad associations with them, so by learning the ins and outs of each colours you can try to adopt their positive qualities, whilst avoiding the colour with a negative aspect that you may not enjoy in yourself or is something people wrongly associate you with.

  • Red – This multitasking colour can represent passion and warmth that makes it perfect for Red Nailswearing on dates, but it also has associations with strength, making it great for showing off confidence and courage. Alternatively, this colour can also represent aggression and feistiness that isn’t always a positive thing to communicate.
  • Blue – The colour can be explained easily by thinking of Star Trek’s Spock. Whilst it represents logic and intelligence in abundance, it’s also a very emotionally cold colour with associations in being unfriendly.
  • Yellow – This double-ended sword of a colour can represent creativity and emotional strength, however it’s also associated with fear and anxiety and can be quite unnerving to look at if you’re already stressed.
  • Green – The colour of balance and harmony, and because it’s the colour most associated with nature it has a soothing, peaceful association with it. That being said it also reminds people of boredom and blandness.
  • Purple – One of the most spiritual colours, you can expect yourself and others to feel a sense of vision and spiritual awareness whenever they look at it.
  • Orange – When people look at this colour, they associate it with fun and warmth, however this colour can also make people think of immaturity and childishness.
  • Pink – You expect nurturers to wear this colour, and some of the qualities that a lot of ladies will enjoy include, femininity, sexuality and love. On the flip side it can also make people feel emotionally claustrophobic, which is another way of saying someone is clingy, which no woman enjoys hearing.
  • Grey – There isn’t a whole lot of positive qualities associated with this colour, with a few points being lack of confidence, depression and lethargy. With so many wardrobes being filled with greys, this discovery can be a shame for those who wear it for its coordination powers.
  • Black – This colour that goes with anything, can give people a feeling of security and safety, as well as some allure. Of course all good things come at a price, and so it also represents coldness and danger.
  • White – If you wanted people to think you’re clean and hygienic then this is the colour for you! Other benefits include sophistication and simplicity. That being said it could also give a feeling of being sterile and an elitist, so no colour is perfect.
  • Brown – Possibility not the most popular nail colour around, but this colour represents warmth and reliability,  but it can also give the impression of lacking humour and sophistication. Could this be the reason why people say blondes have more fun?
  • Metallic – The golds, silvers and bronze colours give off feelings of richness and luxury.

Don’t Take It Too Seriously And Have Fun!

Painting your nails and changing their appearance is supposed to be fun, so don’t be too hung up on the negative aspects that these nails can represent, because no colour is perfect. Getting into nail polishes and nail art is a fun hobby to get into, and the thing to take away most from this is that people notice those who put effort into the appearance of their nails, so be inspired and stock up on some nail art supplies. Not only is changing colours a fun activity to influence others, it could also affect your own mood, so stay away from those browns and wear some more reds and metallic to change your attitude for the better!

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Nicola Daniels loves thinking of unique and creative ways to change up looks and think of news ways to add colour to everyones looks.

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