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Facebook is the largest social network on planet Earth, it reached a billion registered users in 2012 and the numbers are growing each day. Even when Mark Zuckerberg has declared that they remove about 20,000 accounts daily due to violation of Facebook’s policies the website keeps increasing the number of active users who are commenting, sharing, liking, and finding people, products and services using this amazing tool. A billion users is not a small number at all, and according to Erik Qualman, Facebook could be the 3rd largest country in the world in terms of population. This data makes me think that it is a clever idea to promote your business on this social network creating a Facebook business page, and in order to do so I will talk to you about a free solution that will increase the likes of your page and with this the audience aware of your business.

In order to succeed online these days, social media is a must, and it is a great idea to be present at least on the major social networks on the planet, the biggest so far is Facebook so having a Facebook fan page filled with interesting information about your business is not optional anymore. The fact is that the magic won’t happen just by having the page, and in order to really see the results this page must be marketed and promoted, and the more you promote it with intelligence the better results you’ll see. Here is where this amazing WordPress plugin called Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox comes into play, as it offers a clever and practical way to promote a Facebook page on your site.

What is Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox and how to use it?

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox is a free WordPress plugin that displays a beautiful and professional designed box to your visitors asking them to like your page. I find it very practical as it takes only a click for them to like the page, and in case that they don’t want to do it there is a convenient button to close the box and continue reading the site. Even when a lot of people don’t like pop ups they are still being used by websites for a reason: they work. This is because they are clear calls to action and the importance of CTAs is that they tell visitors what to do, and believe it or not your ability to convert online is in direct proportion to your ability to tell people what to do once they land on your site.

The configuration of this free plugin is very basic; the whole setup is made on a page that appears on the left side column of your WordPress dashboard and here I want to explain how to configure each field so that you get the most out of this tool:

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox
Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox
  • Facebook Fan Page Numeric ID: In order to make sure that the page being promoted is yours it is required to populate this field with your numeric ID. This ID is the numeric value on the URL of the Facebook page, in case that you have a custom URL then use that as the ID.
  • Show on: Simply check those boxes that describe the places where you want the box to appear. This is pretty convenient as it helps you to determine where to display this box.
  • Show every x days: This option allows you to hide the box from visitors for an x number of days after they saw the box once; this is pretty convenient as it can help to avoid annoying someone.
  • Delay in ms: Here you can setup the number of milliseconds to wait before showing the box once that the visitor has landed on your website. Since the scale is in milliseconds you’ll have to put 1000 in order to display the box after 1 second.
  • Checkbox: The author of the plugin recommends to check this box in case that you have problems with the plugin, otherwise leave it unchecked. To be honest with you I have not used this box and I think that you won’t have any problem with the plugin neither.

After customizing the configuration of the plugin as you want simply hit the “save changes” button and the box will start appearing as per your settings.

Start promoting your Facebook Fan page now

If you ask any successful online marketer their secret for success they’ll tell you that the key is in the marketing; this is the most profitable activity that can be done for a business and the reality is that these days promoting a website is easier than ever. Social media is definitely a place where you want to be as these networks are visited by millions of people each day and tools like Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox will help you to market your business effortlessly.

To your online success!


About the author:

Jose Lozano
Jose Lozano

Jose Lozano is a successful internet marketer who is fully aware that social media is the place to be at if you want to grow your online business, these tools are helping him to get more clicks for his website about RC toys. On this site Jose shares interesting posts with tips for toys such as a micro helicopter; he as well likes to help others to make informed decisions about buying toys as the Blade mQX quadcopter. Jose has seen that sharing this content on social media is a clever idea in terms of traffic and conversion.

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