I was always told when I was younger I was going to grow up to be 6ft+ like my Dad and with super long legs, at almost 28 years old I’ve now finally come to terms with the fact that that ain’t never going to happen; so I’m embracing my 5ft 5ish-ness.

I’ve personally been kinda over high heels for a long time now and after being told that you can’t wear Converse to fancy-ish places, don’t know why because they’re awesome, I decided I best get some pretty flats to wear to those can’t-wear-Converse-to places. Oh and surprise, surprise the first pair I bought were multi-coloured, leopard print, sequin flats; so fabulously tacky!

So I’ve been looking for more and thought I’d share with you some of my fab flat finds…


 Pink Sugar Daddy Shoes – Metallics are hot this season; these would be perfect with your favourite pair of jeans.

Vivid Flats – Neons and nudes go great together. These shoes are simple but so stylish.

Silver Slingback Pumps – These metallic pointed toes flats could be easily dressed up or down.

Diamanté and Skull Stud Embellishment Slipper Shoes (Grey and Yellow) – Oh these shoes, I want them, I need them. Even as a shoe-aholic with many tacky pairs of shoes, I’d never thought I would ever want a yellow pair of shoes; plus skulls are awesome!

Valentino Rock Stud Pointed Calf Hair Ballet Flats – Fabulous, just fabulous. So elegantly edgy.

Leopard Ballet Flats – What would a fashion post piece be without some animal print right? These are cute and stylish and perfect for summer.

Happy shopping!

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