Good Facebook Etiquette – Tips To Follow

With the popularity of Facebook, it is no surprise that there are a wide variety of personalities using it.  This means that you’ll find those who have bad manners or are bullies just as you would in the real world. Online bullies and those with poor manners are considered trolls.  Sometimes people have bad manners online and they don’t even know it because they have not learned proper Facebook etiquette.  In order to have proper manners in the real world it has to be taught and learned.  The same can be said about interactions online, you have to be taught and learn how to behave properly.  If you don’t want to be considered a troll or just rude, then read the following for some good Facebook etiquette tips.

Keep Private Business Private

Unless you want to lose friends quickly, you should always keep your private business private.  Facebook is a public forum and everything you post is also public.  Nobody really wants you to put your private business on their wall particularly if it includes them.  Save the private information for direct messages, emails or phone calls.

Leave Work at the Office

Even if you don’t work in an office you shouldn’t discuss your job on Facebook.  You may be angry and want to vent to your friends or to get their opinion but again this is a public forum and you end up getting fired if the wrong person sees your post.  The only job related posts that should be made are those that promote the company or if you are sharing a post that was made from your company’s Facebook account.

Never Send a Friend Request to a Stranger

Facebook is really cracking down on people friending strangers.  If enough people you don’t know get friend requests from you, you could have your account locked and you won’t be able to friend anyone for a certain period of time.  Facebook even goes as far as banning those who continually as strangers to be their friend.

Ask Before Using Tags

You may take a cute photo of you and your friends and then post it on Facebook.  You want your friends to see the picture so you tag them.  Problem is one of your friends hates the way she looks even if you think she’s totally cute.  This is a major problem for many people on Facebook.  Before you tag anyone on Facebook for any reason, make sure you have their permission or you could find yourself losing friends.  When you tag someone, every time someone else likes that photo or comments on it they get a status update and this can be quite annoying too.

Don’t Overdo the Likes and Shares

While you may think every kitty and puppy, hot girl or hot guy or other types of memes are awesome, not everyone who sees your posts enjoys them as much as you do.  When you post or like them, they show up on your friends’ wall too and if they think you are overdoing it, you may find yourself being deleted or blocked by them.  While it’s alright to post a few really great memes, keep them to a minimum and don’t clutter you wall with them. Remember this and you’ll have more fans of your Facebook.

It is important to know proper etiquette in any form and unless you have learned what good behavior is on Facebook you could make many mistakes.  Never friend request a stranger and don’t post your business or personal life issues.  Ask before tagging your friends and don’t blast people’s walls with memes and your time on Facebook should be awesome!

Richard Smith enjoys learning more about human interactions on social networks and also writes tips and advice users for Facebook and other social media sites. 

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