Great Gifts for Graphic Designers

For many graphic designers, the world is full of inspiring beauty just waiting to be explored. If you need to find a present that will delight the graphic designer in your life, look for a gift that will help them boost their skills and harness their creativity at the same time. Even a simple gift, such as a magazine subscription or a replacement Canon toner cartridge, can delight a designer.

Tablet and Stylus

Before the growth of the handheld tablet market, a paper notebook was an excellent present to give a graphic designer who enjoyed making sketches on the go. With a tablet and stylus, however, a graphic designer can do more than just sketch out a few ideas; he can create an entire design while sitting on the bus or waiting for a meal in a restaurant. Choose from a number of diverse options, including Apple’s iPad or Google’s Nexus tablet.

Printing Supplies

Graphic designers use printers for work and for their own creative pursuits. Quality card stock and toner cartridges make excellent gifts for graphic designers, especially for those who specialize in print media. If your recipient already has a printer, replacement toner cartridges will keep the designer happily printing for months. Be sure to find out the model of the printer that your recipient uses. Samsung toner or HP toner will not work with a printer that requires Dell toner cartridges.

Digital Camera

digital camera

A small digital camera can fit easily into your recipient’s pocket or purse, allowing them to quickly snap a picture while they’re on the move. Fascinating architecture, stunning artwork and interesting logos are just some of the many things that can inspire a graphic designer. With a digital camera, your recipient can make a record of these visually striking elements that he can revisit and use in his future projects.

Magazine Subscription

Graphic design magazines are full of glossy and gorgeous photos, helping to inspire graphic designers to improve their own work. A magazine subscription will provide fresh inspiration for your favorite graphic designer throughout the year. Thanks to the wide variety of magazines, you can pick one that perfectly suits your recipient. Computer Arts, for example, focuses exclusively on digital art and offers tutorials for design programs. HOW provides general information that will apply to graphic designers in all fields.

External Hard Drives

High-resolution digital images can quickly consume a graphic designer’s free computer space. An external hard drive will give them plenty of room to store their graphic design files. In addition, external hard drives are a great way to keep backups of important files in a secure location. Today’s external hard drives offer immense space that even the most demanding user will struggle to fill. Western Digital’s My Passport, for example, offers hard drives featuring as much as 2TB of space.

Although finding a gift for someone is usually not easy, you can find the perfect present for a graphic designer if you use a little of your own creativity. Start your search with functional tools that can help your recipient unleash her internal vision.

BIO: Scott is a freelance writer for a variety of online magazines, blogs, and websites on many different topics.  When he is not intently focused on his writing, he is out planning his next big adventure.

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