How You Can Fight Seasickness


Seasickness can be miserable for anyone trying to enjoy a boat ride. There is nothing worse than getting aboard the boat and then dealing with the unpleasant results. Seasickness may manifest itself in many ways. Some people get dizzy, feel faint, or grow nauseous. Many feel uneasy and can’t stand up straight without growing woozy. Here are some fantastic tips to get past your seasickness so you can happily appreciate your boating experience.

Take Medication

One of the simplest and fastest ways to get over seasickness is to take medication. If you prepare in advance and have some medication on you just in case, your boat ride should go smoothly. Dramamine is the most common, but Bonine and Marezine are two other types of pills you can take to make your seasickness fade away. If those medicines don’t do the trick for you, there are more heavy duty prescription drugs you can try to ease your seasickness, like promethazine and scopolzmine. See your doctor if seasickness is a frequent problem for you.

Go Alternative

While heading straight for the medication aisle at the drug store or phoning your doctor for an appointment may seem like the best ways to cure seasickness, many people who suffer from dizziness and nausea when on boats swear by alternative treatment methods that can naturally cure many seasickness symptoms. Herbs like ginger are commonly cited as helping calm seasick passengers on boats. Many people get special wristbands that utilize acupressure to relieve nausea and motion sickness. If you’re seeking an all-natural and very simple method to cure your seasickness problem, consider these alternative treatment ideas that may do a world of good.

Other Ideas

Many people can get over their seasickness without wrist bands or medications. Try watching the horizon, the spot where the sky and water meet, and focus on it for a while while you’re feeling dizzy and uneasy. Some find that when their line of vision is on that horizon line, they feel much better. If you’re worried about seasickness before even getting on a boat, try dealing with your symptoms in small doses. Before heading on a two-week cruise adventure, go on an hourlong sailing trip. Going on brief boat outings may give you exposure to what seasickness may feel like. When it comes time for a longer boat journey, your seasickness symptoms may have faded away into the distance.

Seasickness is difficult, and feeling nauseous and uncomfortable when you’d really like to take in the view and feel the ocean breeze on your face can be completely miserable. But these tips and tricks may help you make the most of your boating experience and get past the unpleasant symptoms of seasickness. You’re not alone in your nausea on board, and many people have been able to take advantage of these options to cure their seasickness on tiny sailboats or massive cruise ships. Managing your seasickness may be frustrating, but with these ideas, you will undoubtedly be able to overcome your symptoms.

Author Bio: Derek is currently blogging for Bridge Marina, a marina that provides all your boating needs from a wonderful boating club to boat rentals in New Jersey. When Derek is not blogging, he enjoys going fishing and relaxing by the water.

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