Kids Apps: Why Parents Should Be Concerned About App Security (infographic)

Internet security is a subject that many try to avoid because it brings up feelings of confusion or angst or even boredom. But that is exactly the reason why you should at least arm yourself with the necessary information about internet security to safeguard your own online world. And now with the extremely quick adoption of online and mobile media among young children, some as young as kindergarten age and younger, the need for education about internet and mobile security is more important than ever. For instance, a study shows that 7 out of 10 children use tablets or smart mobile devices, and among these children that use these devices, they are using them on an average of five days a week. Nearly half of all kids using mobile apps aren’t even in kindergarten yet! If these stats don’t alarm you, as an average internet using adult or perhaps as a parent, aunt or uncle, or grandparent, then the additional statistics on this infographic might do the trick. Check out the infographic for information about how mobile apps can find and use your personal information, how they might inadvertently allow your children to spend money without permission, and more importantly, how you might be able to protect yourself and your children from these mobile app security hazards. 

This infographic is by Veracode, an award-winning application security company specializing in vendor assessment and other security breaches with effective risk assessment tools.

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