Made In Chelsea S05E09: Six Degrees of Separation.

Made in Chelsea

Wow! This week’s episode definitely confirmed the incestuous nature of the Chelsea group; ex’s were bumping into each other on dates left right and centre! As Rosie so delightfully put it, it seems you can’t meet anyone who hasn’t “f**ked one of your friends”. Although these meetings are more than likely ‘scripted’ and set up, they’re still brilliantly entertaining. Who doesn’t love an awkward pause or two?

My favourite awkward meeting of this week’s episode has to be Ollie and Ashley; as we saw last week, Ashley has been getting pretty cosy with Josh, and they were on a date this week when who happened to walk in the bar but Ollie?! Ollie being, well.. Ollie, he strided over to them without realising quite how awkward things were going to get. The whole scenario escalated rapidly, leaving Ollie gobsmacked at being called a ‘lying twat’ by the increasingly potty-mouthed Ashley! She was so quiet when she was going out with Francis, what happened?

Needless to say, Josh was also left gobsmacked at the intrusion of his first date, as well as the monster Ashley that was unleashed. Somehow I don’t think their romance will go anywhere…

Prior to this awkward encounter, Ollie had been discussing his decision that he is ready to move on from the relationship. But I’m  still unsure which ‘direction’ he will take this time, and I think he probably is too. He’s far too confused to be doing anything at the moment, maybe he should just stick to himself and his DVD collection for now.

A more distorted version of the dreaded ‘bumping into your ex’ scenario occurred at the end of this week’s episode. As you may know, Spencer has took some time out from Chelsea after realising the strength of his feelings for Lucy. It turns out, he’s in Barcelona, and has instructed Jamie to organise a gang together to come out. His one request? Lucy has to be there.

Here comes the problem. Lucy has been going on dates with Alex (Phoebe’s ex), and is actually with him when Jamie comes over mentioning Barcelona and quizzing her about her feelings for Spenny. You’d think he’d have some common sense, but no. This leads to Spencer (strangely) inviting Alex as well. Things can only go wrong…

You may be shocked at the revelation that Jamie has actually been talking to Lucy. Yes, they’ve finally kissed and made up! And, coincidentally, he has admitted the very kiss that has left Lucy so bitter for so long. Finally, Jamie found a bit of strength and manned up, bit the bullet, and grovelled on Lucy’s doorstep!

Unfortunately, this enemy has now been replaced for another for Lucy. Phoebe is reeling that Lucy has started dating Alex. To the point of embarrassment. She’s fast becoming as pathetic as Louise when she broke up with Spencer, with a lot of arrogance: “oh, maybe he’s just doing it to get back at me” and “I know he’d rather be with me anyway”. No, Phoebe, you are so wrong.

And I thought Alex treated her really badly? Olivia has told us he cheated on her numerous times, so why is she still interested. Clearly she is one of the “easy girls” that Alex is drawn to. Lucy is far from easy.

Saying that, she clearly enjoys flaunting her body around her new flat. Stevie is one lucky boy! Andy looked like all his christmases had come at once when Lucy walked through the front room in just her underwear, and boy could she pull it off. Unfortunately, living together definitely puts Stevie firmly in the ‘friend zone’, but he strangely doesn’t seem to care. What is wrong with him?!

Phoebe definitely confirmed her role as ‘bitter bitch’ of Chelsea with her uncalled for bullying of Lucy and Binky at Mark Francis’s masquerade ball. Isolating the pair, and targetting them as girls she doesn’t want to get to know without ever speaking to them is really harsh. Okay, I get why with Lucy, maybe, she does have a reputation after all. But poor little Binks is the loveliest of all loveliness! The sooner Phoebe leaves Chelsea, the better.

The ‘next time’ preview looks one of the best yet, with things getting heated (check my pun?!) in Barcelona.

Make sure you tune in, Monday E4 10pm.


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