Made In Chelsea S05E10: Happiness Never Lasts Long In Chelsea

Made in Chelsea

This week, the Chelsea gang jetted off to Barcelona to keep lonely bachelor Spencer company. At his request, love interest Lucy AND her new beau Alex arrived too, ensuring there wasn’t ever a dull moment. But did Spencer finally win over hard-hearted Watson?

I loved how Spencer was playing God throughout the trip, sitting back and sipping his wine, watching chaos unfold! I did feel a bit for Alex though, not only was he invited out of pity, but he was also stuck abroad with a few strangers, and not forgetting his ex, Phoebe! He seemed to have a few cosy moments with Phoebe throughout the trip, such as reminiscing about their trip to festival Benicassim; it seems to me that Phoebe is still obsessed with Alex, and doing everything in her power to remind him of their good times. It still confuses the hell out of me why she feels this way about Alex, when she has admitted in a previous episode that he cheated on her and their relationship crumbled.

As predicted by the whole viewing population of Made In Chelsea, Spencer and Lucy did finally get together at the end of their trip. This again left poor Alex awkwardly on the sidelines, but no one seemed to care. My heart did melt a bit when Spencer revealed his softer side to Lucy on the rooftop terrace (again, whilst Alex was there!). I think his charm also thawed the ice off Lucy’s heart too, as the next day she had a chat with Alex and cooled off their developing relationship.

All I can say is, it’s a good job Alex is a nice guy. He had plenty of reason to hit Spencer! And, for that matter, have serious words with Lucy! I was a bit shocked that Lucy and Spencer kissed straight away, probably in plain sight of Alex! Nothing like rubbing salt into a fresh wound! Spenny did look like the cat who got the cream though, how can you resist that cute face?!

Aside from the antics in Barcelona, it seems Proudlock and Francis could sour their friendship due to some masculine competitiveness. Joining running club, Proudlock meets a girl called Bee and flirts with her throughout the whole circuit. First og all, how on earth did they manage to flirt with each other whilst running? I can’t even breath when I run! Continuing their flirting in the warm-down session, Francis arrives and reveals he’s met Bee before. A past love interest maybe? I found it hilarious when Francis stole Bee’s phone off Proudlock and added his number as well; it reeked of desperation and is more than enough to put Bee off both of them! Shockingly, it didn’t, and she invited them both out on a date. Yes, both of them. At the same time. As you can imagine, the competition really heated up and they spent the date trying to belittle each other rather than showing Bee any attention. Needless to say, she left early. I doubt we’ll be seeing her again.

As the Barcelona gang arrived back in Chelsea, the drama took an interesting turn. It seems that happiness really doesn’t last long in Chelsea. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a dark cloud hanging over the area just sucking all the happiness out of the place – the residents can be happy in other areas, like Barcelona, but as soon as they’re home it is prematurely destroyed.

This is exactly what happened between Spencer and Lucy, and (more shockingly) Spencer and Jamie. Yes, it seems the bromance is over!

Lucy admits to Spencer that she doesn’t feel comfortable in their new relationship due to the amount of abuse, almost, she receives from everyone in Chelsea concerning Spencer’s reputation. We all know Lucy is quite tough, so can usually take this sort of judgement. But what really gets to her, which is understandable, is the fact Spencer’s best friend has warned her about him, saying he isn’t ready and will end up cheating on her. I actually disagree with Jamie, however. I think Lucy is exactly what Spencer needs right now, as Andy described, Lucy can “tame the beast!“.  And they’ve proved they’re happy when they’re together through their adorable picnic date in which Spencer admitted he was falling for Lucy! All together now, awwwwwwww!

But Lucy couldn’t ignore the warning, and so the future looks uncertain for Chelsea’s newest couple.

Obviously, Spencer was not best pleased when he discovered the part his best friend had in Lucy’s unhappiness, which led to him confronting Jamie and then walking away saying “I’m done”. This has happened numerous times with these two, however, so fingers crossed everything will be back to normal next week!

The series finale of Made In Chelsea looks to be the juiciest yet, with revelations that Louise is turning into Spencer! Yes, she has been suspected of cheating on the ever faithful and adorable Andy. How could she?! Make sure you tune in next week to watch all the drama unfold.

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