Popbands Reviewed

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I was sent a beautiful bright pink jiffy bag with lots of treats from Popband.

What are Popbands?

Popbands are delicious soft, stretchy ‘no dent’ hairbands that hold hair up tight and still leave it fresh and kink-free when you take it down.

The day that the package arrived I had my god-daughter round for the day so she straight away was intrigued. She’s 12 years old and straight away reached for the pink and mint ones. I’ll admit I was quite happy with the grey/black selection as I’m not one for pink or bright colours. We were sent two popbands with sparkly bits which were fab and also a pink headband. My god-daughter was more than happy. She also asked if she could keep the pink jiffy bag as it was the ‘coolest jiffy bag’ she had ever seen!

I had the five pack of the grey/black ones (there are only four in the photo as one is in my gym bag and if I venture in the bag, I will feel obliged to go to the gym). I have very thick, wavy hair and one of my main problems when I tie my hair up is getting the ‘hair kink’ when I then decide to wear it down. I get a huge bump in my hair and it’s awful. These really are very kind to your hair and I haven’t had any kinks in my hair since wearing them. Another good thing is and I used to get told off for this – they do not cut off circulation when you put them on your wrist. I have been known to wear one of those black hairbands on my wrist for hours and hours, then realise my wrist hurts – take off the hairband and my arm is red. Oops! This does not happen with these, I’m converted!

A few people commented on them too as they look different and also because I was probably not keeling over from poor circulation! I have thrown away all my other hairbands now and I’m fully converted onto Popbands now. I have also worn one in the shower and one even went in the washing machine by accident and they came out fine. They just return back to their original shape like magic! The only negative I have is they have a slight smell, it’s nothing too overpowering and it doesn’t make your hair smell at all but when you first take them out of the pack you will notice it.

I really like the multipacks and everything is really affordable. The multipacks have 5 bands in them for £6! Very impressed by the prices and the choices of colours.

My god-daughter wants to visit again soon to discuss making a Popbands order… What have I started?!

You can go to their website http://thepopband.com/

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Disclaimer – We were asked to review the Popbands for a honest review. We were not paid to write nice things, it just turns out that we love them!

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