Ten fun team building ideas

Ten fun team building ideas

Most business managers are aware of the importance of a strong team spirit. Many believe that strong unity within their teams can improve productivity and make their company a more attractive place for employees to work. However, some managers might agree it’s not always easy to think up original, innovative team building ideas.

Here’s a list of ten activities which might pick your fancy:


Paintballing is a team game which has it all. Staff who get a kick out of adrenaline rushes, physical challenges or team combat will almost certainly love it. It also provides the once in a lifetime opportunity to shoot that annoying office chatterbox in the head.

Scavenger hunt

The best team building games encourage staff to use their brains. A scavenger hunt – where teams race to be the first to collect certain items using clues written down for them – is a great way of doing that. You could even set one up inside the office.

Obstacle course

An obstacle course is a fun way to harness your workforce’s competitive nature. Whether racing through an ‘It’s a Knockout’ style inflatable course or something a bit more challenging, a team-based race is a great for building staff relationships.

Talent show

Splitting employees into teams and getting them to perform for the rest of the staff is a great way to bring employees out of their shell – and discover some hidden talents to boot.

Charity work

Giving the team a day off to complete some charity work not only helps boost team relationships, but also does wonders for your brand image. Why not encourage staff to do a difficult sponsored task to raise money?

Murder mystery

Murder mystery evenings are popular events which involve teamwork, intelligence and plenty of fun as well. A team of people are sent to an indoor location filled with actors playing out a murder scene and have to work out who did it.

Learn a new skill

Why not challenge your staff to learn a new skill which they have to perform together in teams. Perhaps they have to form a mini orchestra, a barbershop quartet or perform a short comedy sketch. Give prizes to the best team.

New job

Or perhaps challenge them to take up a new job for the day? Could your staff team up to produce an afternoon news broadcast, run a successful car wash or perhaps take charge of another department in your business?

Game shows

There are plenty of popular game shows which could be replicated for your team’s amusement. Perhaps you could alter them to include more teamwork? Competitive types will love trying to win a prize at the end.

Sports day

Perhaps you could introduce some nostalgia by running a traditional school sports day. Include retro events like the sack race, welly throw or the egg and spoon race. Split your workforce into house groups just like most primary schools do.

Any of these ideas could potentially create a fun and useful event for a workforce.

About The Author: Magnus Ward is a professional writer, blogger and also a globetrotter. Currently he lives in Brighton, UK. In the above post, he has come up with some great suggestions as to how to motivate staffs in office. To know more about team building activities, you may connect him via Google+.

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