Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dress

Nothing makes a woman glow like finding that dream dress. Whether it is for an evening with friends, a fancy date or a frilly summer frock for your trip to the beach, finding the right dress is all about knowing your body type, personality, and style. Feeling confident and gorgeous in what you are wearing is an important factor in letting the true you shine through. Every women knows that it’s difficult to enjoy a night out with friends if you’re constantly tugging and readjusting an uncomfortable outfit. By keeping a few simple tips and tricks in mind next time you go shopping, you will find picking out the perfect dress a piece of cake.

By: Jerine Lay

Step 1: Figure Out Your Body Type

Considering the amount of time that most women spend scrutinizing their bodies, it is ironic that most don’t actually know type of body shape they have. You may be in the dressing room cursing your curves when the real problem is that that little black dress just wasn’t designed with an hourglass gal in mind. Instead of fighting your natural shape, embrace your figure and learn how to dress to highlight your assets. Statistically speaking, the vast majority of women are one of four body shapes: the rectangle, the spoon, the inverted triangle or the hourglass.

Step 2: What to Accentuate

It is amazing how the right dress can elongate your legs, slim your waist or give you a larger bust. The perfect dress is all about creating the right illusion. If you feel self conscious about showing off your arms select a dress with long flowing sleeves. Stay away from cap styled sleeves as this will bring attention to your arm area. Have an hourglass shape? Look for a dress that follows the contours of your curves. Although a flowing, billowy dress might sound ideal for summer, this will hide your shape and unintentionally add pounds to your frame. If your body is an inverted triangle shape, look for a dress that will balance out your top half with a little volume or a lively pattern on the bottom. If you want to highlight your bust, try a plunging “V” neckline.

Step 3: Comfort

Although your dress might look stunning, if you can’t breathe, chances are you aren’t going to look forward to wearing your latest purchase. Remember, you want to be able to move around comfortably in your dress. It may feel a little silly, but before you purchase a new dress, try walking, sitting and bending down in it.

Step 4: Color

Picking out the wrong color for your skin tone can turn even the perfect dress into a fashion disaster. As a general rule of thumb, paler skin tones are nicely complimented by darker hues, while medium skin tones pair nicely with primary shades. Darker complexions are nicely brought out be lighter shades. Although the season will also affect your color choices, keep in mind your overall complexion when selection the shade of your dress.

Author : Aria Meyer is a fashion and technology blogger. She writes for several fashion blogs. She is currently living in West Covina and working closely with to help them grow the fashion and apparel department.

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