Too much anime? What to watch?

As an avid anime lover I know you probably hit the problem where you are looking for more anime to watch. I have hit this problem multiple times and had to go through days of browsing anime just to find another one that I liked. Personally I knew that if there was a review of some of the top anime’s and what they were about, this would have saved me hours and hours of time.

So here is the list of the best anime and which ones you should consider watching.


Naruto is a common anime that people in every world should know. If you do not know about Naruto than you have found the anime you should watch. This anime is about ninjas who all have different abilities and how they go through life. It centers around a kid name Naruto as he strives to be hokage while dealing with problems within his own village. Action, adventure, love and strife all packed in one great anime. Just start watching it right now, do not even read the rest! That is how good this anime is.


This is another action packed movie about a guy who meets with shinigami’s, or dead souls killing other evil dead souls. He becomes one and eventually has to save his family and the rest of the world a few times over. If you are looking for people with huge swords and all different kinds of skills than this is the best anime for you. The action is incredible and the animators has really made the best out of this anime. The only bad thing about this is that it already ended.

One piece

The longest running anime, or at least in our generation, and it is likely still never going to end. Currently it has over 500 episodes and it does not look like it will end soon. This movie centers around Luffy a pirate that has traveled out to find “One Piece” the lost treasure. He finds talented fighters to be on his team and travel with him to find this treasure.

Watch these three anime series and you will have your hands full. Looking
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