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Pinterest_logoYou have probably heard about social media and how it is changing the world, this new way of communicating is being called the biggest change since the industrial revolution. There are several social networks where you can find people, products, and services, and one that is rapidly gaining fame is called Pinterest; this social place is all about images and currently it is the fastest growing social network, it has over 20 million visitors each month and the numbers are constantly increasing. This means that this site has the potential of sending traffic to your website and if you want to learn about a clever way to get more people pinning your images I invite you to stay tuned, as I will speak about the Pin Button Attraction WordPress plugin and how it can help you to start being noticed on Pinterest.

The one reason that makes Pinterest so addictive is the fact that it displays beautiful images that people can’t resist; these images can be linked to a website and that is how people can pull traffic from Pinterest. It works perfectly since an image really gets the attention of anyone and the click occurs naturally. For this reason a lot of websites are creating profiles on this social network and it is a clever idea to not just create the profile but also promote it using as many tools as possible, and having a way to reach your Pinterest profile from your website is now mandatory. Here is where this tool called pin button attraction can really help you to push things forward.

Use Pin Button Attraction to gain more Pinterest followers?

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of plugins and tools to promote your Pinterest profile on a website; the most important aspect to evaluate is how reachable your Pinterest profile becomes using each tool. One of the key elements to evaluate is if the plugin displays clear calls to action, as these will increase the number of followers that you will get. A lot of people think that writing something as simple as “click here” won’t make any difference, but the reality is that it does, and it is a smart move to look for those tools that allow you to display a clear CTA to your visitors.

Pin button attraction WordPress plugin allows you to display very clear CTAs so that visitors are able to pin your images and follow you as well. This tool will let you customize how and where the CTAs appear, this is very convenient in terms of marketing since you don’t want to send to Pinterest a visitor that was ready to click and buy a product.

Setup a Pinterest profile and start getting followers today

Setting up a Pinterest profile is very easy and takes less than ten minutes, so this should be the first step. Once you have a fully configured Pinterest profile the next thing is to get the Pin button attraction plugin and start experimenting with it. This piece of software has a cost of 19.97 USD, and it really worth the money because of all the customization that it allows you to do.

Pinterest is about having fun and promoting your profile as well as your photos should not be different, this simple and friendly software really helps you to do that and it does the hard work of promoting your profile while your focus and attention are dedicated to other aspects of your business. I would say that you give it a try and see what it does for you, the plugin developer as well offers a 60 day money back guarantee so you know that if for any reason this plugin does not work for your social media efforts simply send an email and that’s it.

To your online success!


About the author:

Jose Lozano
Jose Lozano

This post was created by Jose Lozano, a successful internet publisher who is always looking for ways to increase his online presence. Jose has a website dedicated to RC flying toys and he is moving forward in terms of social media, Pinterest of course is one that he will not miss. He plans to share relevant posts about toys such as a Blade heli, and tips and tricks about why the E Flite Blade brand is one of the best choices for hobbyists like him.

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