What are the best ways to do recruitment advertising through Facebook?

It is interesting to see what surveys reveal about social networking sites, here is one of the things that you probably didn’t know about Facebook when it comes to recruitment advertising.

Did you know that a whopping 48% of all jobseekers have looked for a job through Facebook?

Nowadays, almost 85% of ALL internet users have a Facebook account, and 74% of those people are regularly active on Facebook, from this it is clear that the potential target audience through Facebook is huge.

The next obvious question that comes from this is ‘How do you use Facebook for recruitment advertising?’

Facebook can be used in a variety of ways to help the recruitment process, you have the ability to post new job opportunities through your company’s Facebook page. These pages are easy to set up and best of all don’t cost your company a penny!

Once you have setup a Facebook page, there a few tools available that can be used to make the page unique and much more user friendly. One of the best ways to attract users to your page is through setting up a dedicated feed or a “vacancies” tab on the applications bar which would make it extremely easy for users to locate the tab and if there aren’t any vacancies available at the time you can add some useful tips or information about how the company’s recruitment process works.

Through Facebook, there are thousands of users sharing information with each other all the time which helps to increase the chances of finding the best candidate for your vacancy. Despite the fact that there are plenty of users to target through Facebook, the biggest challenge is being able to keep them interested and reward them for choosing to spend their time on your Facebook page.

To keep users interested in your Facebook page, here a few tips that can help you to create the best environment for recruitment purposes:

1)      Solid Pages – make sure that you create highly innovative and attractive pages which are very easy to use and link back to your website and other useful resources.

2)      Regularly update the page – make sure that you post the latest jobs and news and provide topics that can help to generate conversations. Keep the audiences interest by making sure that the content is fresh and new.

3)      Help the audience – give useful tips and information, for example, you might want to provide them with some typical interview questions.

4)      Actively engage with your audience – run a number of Q & A sessions and make sure that you include a FAQ section.  If your customers or potential candidates require feedback, give them useful information that will help them, don’t use the same generic responses to each question, and make sure that your responses are personal and specific.

5)      Up & coming – let people know about future events and news, give tiny clues as to what is coming up. This will help to ensure that people regularly return to the page.

It might also be worth looking into adding “sponsored stories” to your page which will help add another dimension to your overall Facebook recruitment advertising strategy.

If you do decide to use sponsored stories, they will appear on a member’s news feed for all their contacts to read when they interact with your page. An example of this is where someone applies for a job that you advertised so it will become visible on their news feed.

This notification will come with a link to your page so that anyone who sees it can click straight through to the job advertisement and find out what else you have to offer them.

Using Facebook as a base for recruitment advertising activities is only going to grow over the course of the next 10 years or so. Facebook is one of the best websites at generating traffic which is making it even more attractive to recruiters who are now even keener to exploit the numerous benefits of having so many users all in one place.

Some of the biggest companies in the world are looking to completely alter their marketing policies to incorporate social media sites; this has led to these platforms now offering marketing solutions to SMEs.

Given the huge increase in social media activity, it doesn’t come as a surprise that recruitment advertising through Facebook and other social media sites is continuing to grow at such a rate that more and more companies are changing their strategies to make sure that they aren’t left behind by this sudden burst in activity.

These tips were brought to you by 360 Inspire who specialise in all aspects of recruitment advertising.

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