4 Ways to Use Your Phone to Get Out of a Bad Date

Bad dates happen. They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince but they don’t mention all those terrible dates you have to go on to do it. And while it’s true you have to give it a chance, it’s also true that sometimes you’ve had enough and have to get out of there.

In the past, if you had to get out of a bad date or other sticky situation, you would have a friend call with a fake emergency. But friends aren’t always available to play your wingman or maybe you don’t want to involve them in your love life. That’s where technology comes to rescue.

With smart phones everywhere you look, you don’t need an actual rescue call to get out of your bad date. Just use an app. Here are three that can download right to your phone:

Bad Date Rescue

Bad Date Rescue is a free app from eHarmony, which is a logical companion to their dating services. (Of course, if you think about it, it doesn’t say much for how well their services actually work.) Using the app interface, you can set up fake calls to come into your phone through the app. You can change the ringtone and add a picture to mimic a contact’s information. Remember that all of the fake calls are only available when the app is open and running.

Fake Calls

Fake Call takes it one step further by letting you set up a fake call to happen in the future. Instead of you setting up the fake call in the app immediately before the situation, you can schedule fake calls in advance. So instead of you playing with your phone and making your fake call obvious, you can set it up before your date even arrives, making it even more believable. You can also write in call logs, contact info, and call conversations with this free app.

Fake Me a Call

Fake Me a Call is for the emergency fake call problem. It has a two click approach to scheduling a fake call. The fake call stops ringing after 25 seconds if you don’t pick it up. That’s perfect for those times when you pre-set up a call before the date starts and then realize it’s going so well you don’t need it. The app also shows as FMC after you install it so that if someone goes through your phone (like say that date that turned into a girlfriend) it’s not obvious you used a fake call app.

Fake ‘Em Out Call, Text, & More!

Fake ‘Em Out Call, Text, & More! is for those times when a fake call just isn’t enough. This app is like having five in one. Choose from faking text messages or calls. You can even have missed calls so there’s no need to fake a conversation. It mimics iPhone functions, including the unlock sliders and the backlight dimmer. The app also terminates after the call so there’s no obvious app screen that gives you away. The initial cost is small but you can buy more features, including a fake call logs and fake multimedia messages.

Bio: Amanda Greene is author for RHL, leading supplier of dorm bedding. She enjoys writing about college and dorm life.

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