5 of the best tips for education marketing on Google+

Marketing professionals working to promote higher education establishments will already have started to make substantial use of the two main social media platforms but how many have established any kind of presence on Google+? Which business insider is growing at a faster rate than Twitter in the race to catch up with market leader, Facebook?

Google+ may be the “Johnny come lately” of the SM scene but its significance to education marketers is not so much that it already has a third of a billion active users but also the fact that it has serious influence on Google search results. It should certainly form part of any serious marketing team’s armoury.

Here are 5 of the best tips on how to use Google+ when promoting your university or college.

1. Sign up for a community

Google+ communities are where people who share common interests congregate and exchange views. Make sure you participate in any community which is relevant to further education in general and individual institutions in particular. This will ensure that your messages reach the most appropriate target audience.

2. Become a Google author

Google+ has a section which shows you how to link your Google+ account to any content that you create when blogging about anything to do with further education and/or your college or university. By establishing yourself as a Google author in this way, you will not only optimise your chances of showing up in Google searches but you will enable your audience to connect with your brand.

3. Ensure your posts are both keyword rich and engaging

Google+ users are looking for new information that they are unlikely to find on Facebook so don’t flood the service with all the content you have ever written.  Just confine yourself to cogent, succinct posts that are relevant, interesting and keyword rich. This will make it much more likely that they show up in search results.

4. Publicise key events, lectures, drama and music

Google+ is an ideal platform on which to build the right image of your institution and showcase it as a vibrant, stimulating environment – both academically and socially. Therefore, make a point of creating an event on Google+ and send out customised invitations to appropriate recipients even if they are not on the network. You should then extend this activity by using Party Mode which allows everybody attending to share their photos via the Google+ mobile app.

All this activity should be of considerable assistance when you seamlessly start promoting the major events that really matter such as your Open Days!

5. Be interactive and totally engaged

To derive full benefit from the time you spend on Google+, remember the primary purpose of the platform – it is principally designed to be a social medium not just a sales tool!

Therefore, make sure you actively engage and enthusiastically in the various communities that you join. Add relevant users and conversations to your personal page circles. You will also need to introduce your business page content so that other users can add it to their circles.

These tips were brought to you by 360 Education a specialist education marketing agency who are dedicated to helping educational institutions.

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